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Are you a NASBA CPE Sponsor? SimpleCert® is the solution to your CPE submission requirements.

CPE Certificate of Completion

The idea and concept of SimpleCert® was born from the need to find a simple solution to creating certificates of completion for Group Internet Based programs. While many of the webinar platforms now have a way to create certificates, they don’t have the ability to store them or have them conveniently located in one place. As a NASBA CPE Sponsor, you can use, create, and access SimpleCert® for each of your CPE program certificates. SimpleCert® automatically keeps required records of participation, dates, and number of CPE credits earned, all within a single management system.

However, the best part of SimpleCert® might actually be how it supports you and your certificate recipients after credits have been awarded. With SimpleCert®’ s flexible subscription plans, you can choose how to manage your CPE Program. Our monthly subscription plans provide you with a custom branded portal for your participants to log in and access all their certificates in one place at any time (even after the event). This plan also allows you to export your program certificates and recipient lists together to keep for your five-year retention requirement.  Or you may want to select SimpleCert®’ s Pay-As-You-Go plan, which still allows you to access to re-send past certificates and track distribution, but does not require a monthly commitment from you.

Don’t want to commit to a SimpleCert® subscription until NASBA approves your program? No problem! Use your monthly free credits to create the certificate that needs to be submitted with your application. Just follow their guidelines here: We even have a free certificate template with the necessary required elements listed available for you to use.

Need help with your Certificate Template? Support is now just a click away

Happy Thanksgiving to the SimpleCert® community! You will remember in our Sept 14 blog that this fall has seen many updates to how users can design and complete certificate templates from within the Build Module of SimpleCert®.  Please do be sure to read thru the past blogs to stay up to stay informed of these improvements – and we’re not done with updates just yet!  Our thanks as always go to many of you who have sent us your ideas and suggestions, on how to make SimpleCert® work better for you.

One great update is the ability for you to contact SimpleCert® support from directly within the tool itself.  Let’s say for example you are building a Diploma Certificate and need help with a merge variable item; or perhaps as part of your certificate template you have an unusual design that you need help with.  Instead of exiting the tool and going back to the website to contact support, it’s now easy to click on the “Contact Support” link directly on the top right side of the tool.  Regardless of where you are in the tool, the “Contact Support“ link will always be right there and available to you.Contact Support

In the end our goal is to make the creation of your certificate template, and the distribution of your certificates, as easy as possible.  Whether you are taking a blank certificate and using that as the basis for your certificate template, or utilizing one of the many templates that are automatically available for you from within the tool, we understand you have better things to do than to spend hours upon hours  managing your certificate distribution program!  So use SimpleCert®, keep the feedback coming, and get on with more important items in your life!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
The SimpleCert® Team

You can now add attachments to your certificate template emails!

email_iconRegular users of SimpleCert® know that an important piece of your Certificate Template  – or Cert Set – is the notification email that is sent out to recipients.  It’s thru this email that you notify your award recipients they have received a certificate, as well as provide instructions for how to access and even print their custom certificate(s).  The notification email can also serve as an effective marketing tool within your Certificate Template  as they can be customized with text, fonts, and even pictures and logos to better  mirror your marketing style.

As part of a recent upgrade, we are excited to highlight a great feature enhancement that has now been added to the notification email – the ability to upload and add attachments!  Now, the notification email can be an even more effective  element of your Cert Set.  Let’s say for instance that as part of a certificate awards program for a class, you are also needing to distribute out  class notes.  Instead of having to mass email the notes out separately, you can simply just attached those notes to the notification email that is a part of that Certificate Template.  Boom!

As you use SimpleCert®, we encourage you to not look at the notification email as just the way to distribute certificates.  We encourage you to look at the notification email as a free and powerful element of your Certificate Template.   We’re hopeful that by adding the ability to use attachments as a part of this email, you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness of this tool even more.

As always, a heartfelt shout out to all of you who have provided feedback and suggestions for how SimpleCert® can be improved. We’d be lost without you!  And remember, if we can help you with anything – creating your Certificate Template, solving a problem or even offering advice, do not hesitate to reach out to   (Please note any advice given shall be exclusively related to and solely pertaining to certificates – award certificates, diploma certificates, blank certificates, etc.  You really should only trust us to provide council on that!).

Happy Certificating!

The SimpleCert® Team

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