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What’s included in the Free Plan?

The free plan contains all of the needed core options for you to test, configure and manage a typical certification plan.  With the free plan you’ll be able to: With SimpleCert’s Free Plan, you can easily set up your Certificate Management program, and test and confirm functionality within minutes.  From there, simply make purchases of

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Delete Recipient from Project

There are times when a recipient was added to a project by accident or has more than just a misspelled name or wrong email address. When this happens the easiest steps to take are to delete the recipient from a project and then add them again. To delete a recipient from a project: Find the

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IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider – Check out SimpleCert®!

According to, “The Annual Filing Season Program is intended to recognize and encourage unenrolled tax return preparers who voluntarily increase their knowledge and improve their filing season competency through continuing education (CE).”  As an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider, that’s where you come in…to provide those 16 hours of continued education per year! The content

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An Experiment Shows that Certificates Encourage Students to Attend After-School Tutoring Sessions

“We found that the students in the certificate group attended 42.5 percent more of their allocated tutoring hours than students in the control group.” We found the following article that quantitatively shows that certificates of recognition encourage Students, read below: Matthew G. Springer, Vanderbilt University Many parts of the federal education law called No Child

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Are you a NSCA® CEU Provider?

Create your certificates with SimpleCert®! Now that we understand some of the benefits of why becoming a provider is beneficial (see last post), let’s look more closely as CEU providers, for example we wrote about NASBA. We believe that continuous education allows individuals to improve their craft and stay present as there will always be

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How Award Certificate Templates Can Help Motivate Students

A certificate of recognition for a job well done is a great way to stimulate follow-through and reinforce participation. To reward a student with something tangible like a certificate allows the student to display his or her accomplishments. They can show their parents, siblings, peers and most importantly themselves, by hanging it up on their

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Certificate of the Month Program

Hello to the SimpleCert® Community!  Frequent readers of this blog will know that we go to great effort here  to provide you with tips, tricks and updates on how to make SimpleCert® work even harder for you.  For today’s blog, we have exciting news!  Instead of another blog on upcoming feature enhancements, It’s time for

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Time for Updates at SimpleCert®!

Time for Updates at SimpleCert®! It’s time for updates at SimpleCert®! Like many places, it’s a truth here that after a busy spring  season, our brains turn to mush and we have no choice but to find creative ways to spend time at the beach, or the mountains, or at a concert… anywhere to refill

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