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Category: Build Module

What’s included in the Free Plan?

The free plan contains all of the needed core options for you to test, configure and manage a typical certification plan.  With the free plan you’ll be able to: With SimpleCert’s Free Plan, you can easily set up your Certificate Management program, and test and confirm functionality within minutes.  From there, simply make purchases of

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Add an attachment / file to email template

To add an attachment to your SimpleCert® email template, click on the following icon in your email editor. It will open a dialog box where you find the file you want to attach and then click “open”. It will then add instructions to download the file. This file is uploaded to your SimpleCert account.

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How do I create one certificate?

Although SimpleCert® was developed with being able to create thousands of certificates in seconds, you still can create one at a time. You just need to take 2 additional steps that still only take seconds! Simply save your certificate template and manually enter the name and email of the certificate you are trying to create.

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Remember to review your email for each SimpleCert® project

Each certificate you send via email have a certificate template and email template. Remember to review this email each time you save a project or use merge variables in the email body so that you do not need to update each time. There are 2 ways to review the email template: 1. From the BUILD

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Build Module Tutorial

Create your custom certificate and email within the Build Module of your account.  Utilize existing templates to customize, or build your certificate completely from scratch with merge and text fields, special fonts, and your own custom images.

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Can I copy an existing Cert Set?

Yes, you can. After purchasing an additional Cert Set, you can duplicate an existing one, instead of starting from scratch! Note: This will copy both your certificate template and email template. Simply click on “Open Existing” and click on the icon (2 pieces of paper) in the upper left corner of your Cert Set to

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