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Category: Build Module

Why is my background image blurry?

In general you should always upload background images that are larger or equal to the background image size of the certificate you are creating. Images that are either smaller or larger than the background certificate size are automatically resized to fit the appropriate area, however smaller images that need to be scaled up to fit

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What’s does INSERT MERGE FIELD in the Certificate Builder mean?

Merge fields are merge variables that you choose to place on your Certificate Template – such as [First name], [Course Title], [Date Completed], etc. Data fields should be named and placed on your certificate so that they MATCH the upload fields contained in the lists you plan to use with your Template. When you upload

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What is the project ID?

SimpleCert® will ask you to create a Project ID for any project you create. A project ID can be any combination of numbers or letters, and is used to store and easily access your projects. We recommend creating a naming convention and using that as the project ID as you create projects.  

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I click on Update and Preview but nothing happens.

Some parts of the SimpleCert® application utilizes pop-ups.  Be sure to adjust your browser settings to allow pop-ups from, to be able to preview your Certificate Template. To allow pop-ups in Google Chrome: Turn pop-ups on or off On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More (the three dots) and then

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How do I add a signature to my certificates?

Simply save and upload the signature that you wish to place on your certificates as an image file. When you upload the image you can then place it exactly where it needs to be on your certificate. When uploading images to your certificates, always use the highest quality image possible to ensure the sharpest resolution. 

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I already have a certificate that I use. Can I upload this into SimpleCert®?

Absolutely. Within the Build module simply choose the “Blank – Custom Certificate” template. Once you have selected this template, click “Change Background” to upload your existing certificate design as a background. You will want to remove any data fields from the certificate that you upload, and then re-add them from within SimpleCert®. As a best

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What is a Cert Set?

A Cert Set consists of a certificate template and notification email template.   Once you have designed your Template, you are then able to use that template to create actual certificates for your recipients. When you design your Cert Set, you can customize it to fit your exact needs.  Everything from adding images, logos and backdrops,

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