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Build Module Tutorial

Create your custom certificate and email within the Build Module of your account.  Utilize existing templates to customize, or build your certificate completely from scratch with merge and text fields, special fonts, and your own custom images.

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When importing recipient data via Excel, what if I have more Data Fields on a Certificate Template than I do in a list I want to upload? And Vice Versa?

Simple Cert will require that you provide a mapping designation for every Data Field that you have listed on a Certificate Template. If your certificate has mapping fields that you no longer intend to use, simply edit your CertificateTemplate to remove those unwanted Data Fields. If your upload list has more fields than you intend

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How do I import my data?

From within the Store Module, there are 3 methods that you can use to import your recipient data:  By uploading an Excel of .CSV file, by copying and pasting data from your computer clipboard, or by manually typing recipient data into SimpleCert®. Uploading an Excel or .csv file: Importing data into SimpleCert® is an easy

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What’s does INSERT MERGE FIELD in the Certificate Builder mean?

Merge fields are merge variables that you choose to place on your Certificate Template – such as [First name], [Course Title], [Date Completed], etc. Data fields should be named and placed on your certificate so that they MATCH the upload fields contained in the lists you plan to use with your Template. When you upload

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