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How do I import my data?

From within the Store Module, there are 3 methods that you can use to import your recipient data:  By uploading an Excel of .CSV file, by copying and pasting data from your computer clipboard, or by manually typing recipient data into SimpleCert®.

  • Uploading an Excel or .csv file: Importing data into SimpleCert® is an easy and straightforward process. Any spreadsheets that you create can be directly uploaded into SimpleCert® in either .xls, .xlsx, or .csv format. The top row on every spreadsheet should include a field name for that row, to make the importing and field mapping process easier. Also, be sure to place your data on the first tab only of any excel spreadsheet that you wish to upload. SimpleCert® will automatically ignore any data that is placed beyond the first tab of an excel document. It’s also a good best practice to proof and ensure the data you are uploading into SimpleCert® is correct and accurate before you upload. You can still make any edits you may need to data that you have already uploaded, but it will save you time and effort by ensuring your data is correct before you upload. Upload your list from a .csv or excel file: select “choose file” then select the .csv or excel file of recipient data, then map the merge fields from the column headers on your excel file to the merge fields on your certificate.


  • Copy and Paste data via your Computer Clipboard: As a best practice it is recommended that you copy your data from Excel, to paste into SimpleCert®.  Once SimpleCert® has pulled your data from your computer clipboard, you will then need to match up the rows of data to the corresponding merge variables on your Certificate Template to create your certificates.


  • Manual Entry: Simply type in recipient data into the desired fields as directed, then select “Add to Recipient List.”

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