Certificate Generator API

The SimpleCert® API (application programming interface) can be used to streamline the certificate and bulk certificate creation process. Directly connect your application to the SimpleCert® API, then fill, send and store your certificates without needing to login to the SimpleCert® site! We make it easy to automatically generate custom certificates.

SimpleCert® has streamlined the certificate generation process with API integrations for some of the most popular applications available today.

Certificate Generator API

Certificate Generator API

The SimpleCert® API makes it easy to automatically generate and send certificates which can save your company time & resources. Recipients also appreciate how quickly they receive their certificates via email. The SimpleCert® API provides added value to your website or application and can help you differentiate your certification service.

Here’s how it works:

The SimpleCert® API provides endpoints for you to send HTTP requests that will add data automatically to your SimpleCert® account. For example, if you have a website that allows users to take tests and receive a certificate upon completion, your website’s code can be built to send test taker information to the SimpleCert® system through the SimpleCert® API. Upon completion of a test the user’s data can be automatically sent to SimpleCert® from your site where it is used to create and email a certificate to the test taker.

View our API documentation to learn how to integrate the SimpleCert® API to add recipients and more.

Certificate Generator API
Zapier Logo.

Zapier Integration

Auto generate a certificate with ease using the SimpleCert® Zapier integration!

Add a Recipient with Zapier

Our Zapier endpoint can identify when a new recipient has been added to your bulk list of certificate recipients, and add/store them to your master list.

Google Forms Logo

Google Forms Certificate

Google Forms are a popular way to source recipient data for a certificate. The SimpleCert® API makes it easy to transfer data from Google Forms to Google Sheets, which can then be used to upload and send certificates.

When users fill out your form, their data will automatically be sent to Google Sheets to be used in the creation of new certificates.

Using an API

Is this your first time using an API? No problem! Our support team is with you every step of the way. If you have a question about the SimpleCert® API or how to integrate with Zapier or Google Forms, our Support team is standing by to help you streamline your certificate creation process.

Try the SimpleCert® API Today for FREE!

We’ve made it easy for users to design, build, send and store certificates without needing to pay for special features. The SimpleCert® API is available to all SimpleCert® users, free of charge! Sign up today to receive 10 free credits and try our industry-leading API.

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