JotForm Integration

SimpleCert automates the certificate creation and delivery process by collecting the information necessary to know who gets what for other platforms. To better streamline the certification award process from start to finish, we’ve ensured our customers can use JotForm integration with a SimpleCert account.

What is JotForm?

JotForm is an online application that lets users create custom online forms quickly through an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. What makes it so easy and user-friendly is that JotForms doesn’t involve any coding or any kind. You’re essentially pointing and clicking things into place as you want them. The popularity and ease a JotForms integration provides is one of the reasons we at SimpleCert are excited to work in conjunction with it.

Our ability to cooperate with popular online applications, like JotForms, helps more people and businesses remove roadblocks from the award process and quicken hard-earned celebrating or recognition.

Using Zapier JotForm Integration with SimpleCert

Zapier can connect SimpleCert with a wide variety of other platforms that trigger your customized certifications and awards to go out. With a JotForm integration working with SimpleCert’s automatic delivery system, you can put the data collected to work and having the certificates or awards created sent where they need to go in seconds by setting up a system of triggers.

Using a JotForm integration allows you to send out certificates and awards from a host of different kinds of forms made in JotForms:

  • Registration Forms
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Petition Forms
  • Enrollment Forms
  • Donation Forms
  • Sponsorship Forms
  • RSVP Forms
  • Signup Forms
  • many more

Any of these kinds of forms can be easily built with JotForm and synced with SimpleCert through Zapier, streamlining recognition for any person to be acknowledged for their efforts near instantly.

Certification Creation Made Simple

No matter the form created or for what purpose, people like to feel acknowledged and can become flustered waiting for something they worked for. Whether this be donating money for a cause, participating in an important poll, being a loyal customer, or passing a test, recognition can be vital to your business or organization. Streamlined celebrations made easy, shareable, and helping your customers feel valued is an important part of retaining them. So, why not make that recognition easy?

Explore the many kinds of certificates and awards that can be instantly delivered or shared on social media by integrating JotForm with SimpleCert below:

Discover the Ease of SimpleCert in Every Industry

Award Students & Teachers Alike

Celebrate Youth Athletes

Ready to Celebrate?

If you want to explore the vast array of award and certificate templates or test out how SimpleCert works, you can create an account for FREE! Even getting 10 certificates per month without spending a dime.

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