Certificates of Completion

SimpleCert allows you to design your own custom certificate of completion using its streamlined online certificate maker. Whether you’re completing school or you’re providing proof of completing a workshop or conference SimpleCert can help you create the perfect, branded, and customized certificate.

Completion Certificate Examples

Below you will find a few examples of creative certificates of completion designed and distributed by actual SimpleCert customers.

Webinar Certificate of Completion Example

FamilyWorks Together – Certificate of the Month – December 2017

FamilyWorks Together provides comprehensive education and training opportunities to families formed through adoption, kinship and guardianship. FamilyWorks Together offers trauma-informed, adoption-competent and attachment-sensitive counseling to individuals, families, and groups in a number of settings.

Quality Leadership University – Certificate of the Month – June 2017

Quality Leadership University is a Panamanian institution with over 20 years of offering bachelors, masters, continuing education seminars and English Courses for professional success and teens and kids. They use SimpleCert for English courses certificates.

Escondido Adult School – Certificate of the Month – April 2017

Escondido Adult School, which is a part of the Escondido Union High School District, works to provide academic, vocational and enrichment needs of adult students thru their adult and community education courses. Prior to SimpleCert, the school office had a time consuming program of manual certificate creation for Escondido Adult School, that involved manually creating and distributing as many as 600 certificates at a time.

Design Your Completion Certificate Right Now for Free !

Design Your Completion Certificate Right Now for Free!

No matter how you choose to award and recognize your students, participants, members, or volunteers SimpleCert is the perfect tool to make the process simple. Sign-up today to create your first free award template! With SimpleCert you can easily create simple one-off completion certificates or you can create certificates of completion for your entire database of participants automatically in bulk! The SimpleCert system is here to make the job of designing certificates quick and easy!

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