What it Takes to Gain a Non-Profit Certification.

What it Takes to Gain a Non-Profit Certification

Working with a non-profit means your career is dedicated to something you care deeply about. That kind of passion should be celebrated, along with your professional achievements. A custom non-profit certification design should reflect the importance of your passion and success, after all, it is a difficult certification to get.

Gaining a Non-Profit Certification

It’s no easy feat to achieve a non-profit certification or earn recognition in any kind of company. The job itself can be strenuous while the amount of skills learned, time invested, and coursework given is challenging. 

To earn a non-profit certification means:

  • Completing extensive coursework that stems from ten core competencies.
  • Complete a baccalaureate degree
  • Complete a 300-hour internship at a nonprofit

The few points above aren’t all that is required, but an example of the work you do to earn a CNP and make an impact on the world. If you’re not seeking a non-profit certification, there are still many kinds of recognition you can earn while working at a non-profit or give to others. For example:

  • You could be recognized for your fundraising abilities. Earning an award for most dollars raised.
  • Recognizing volunteers that have helped your non-profit achieve a goal. 
  • Your donors could be given printable certificates to express thanks for their giving. This often leads to repeat donations as well. 
  • Accomplishments feel better when they’re recognized. Any employee in a non-profit works hard to achieve the organization’s goal. Printable certificates, specially designed, offer a morale boost as well as making sure your people feel appreciated. 

Everyone wants to celebrate achievements, no matter the sort they’ve earned. It’s important to have well-designed, meaningful printable certificates that are personalized for those who’ve been successful. Sure, you could have a readymade stack of generic “thank you” and “congratulations”, but that would fail to underscore their appreciation. That’s why SimpleCert doesn’t offer generic certificates. We provide the tools and templates to personalize printable certificates, streamlining how they’re delivered to create ease in recognizing people.

SimpleCert Celebrates Non-Profits

A non-profit serves an important function, working to create significant change by striving for impact rather than profitability. We at SimpleCert want to thank those who work from the heart and that’s why we offer a 10% discount on your printable certificates. 

Beyond thanking you for your work, SimpleCert stands apart from other certificate companies by our Certificate Management System. You’re able to build personalized printable certificates and email templates that can be sent or shared on social media instantly. 

Many companies simply deliver premade certificates without considering that people want to share their achievements with loved ones. That’s why SimpleCert has created a way to remove the time it takes to deliver a certificate or award and make printable certificates instant, as well as shareable social media certificates. 

How to Use SimpleCert Printable Certificates

Ready to begin creating nonprofit printable certificates? Before you hop into the process with a credit card in hand, you should know that it’s completely FREE to create an account as well as the first 10 printable certificates you create and send.

After you’ve created your account, you’ll arrive at the SimpleCert design studio where you’ll find a wide selection of prebuilt certificate templates. If none of them are to your fancy or you want to add a more personalized touch, you can create your own as well! You’ll have tools to add custom artwork, your company logo, or browse the thousands of photos, graphics, and icons in our library. 

Once you’re satisfied with your non-profit certification or award design you’ll have the option to save, print, send, store, or share on social media. If you have multiple recipients, you can upload a list of where to send it via email and away they go. 

SimpleCert has streamlined the delivery of non-profit certificates as well as created ways to ensure they’re unique. Just as we show appreciation for your impactful work, we know you want to show gratitude for the efforts of those who make your mission achievable.

We also provide a help center to make sure you get the most out of SimpleCert’s design studio and delivery function. If you do have any questions regarding our printable certificates or our services in general, we encourage you to contact us. 

We can be reached on social media:

By phone: 971-351-4691

By email: inquiries@simplecert.net

Real Estate Certificates.

Real Estate Certificates

Real estate certifications are important to have, not just so you can have a job but to also communicate to home buyers and sellers that you have the knowledge in their pursuits. How that certification appears is just as important as having one. If you scribble on a piece of paper or have some sloppy printout, it doesn’t offer too much confidence to people looking for a competent realtor. 

Before we get into all that, let’s go over what a real estate certification is and the many types beyond being licensed to be a realtor. 

What is a Real Estate Certification?

A real estate certification or real estate designations are specialized credentials for realtors that communicate a specific knowledge, experience, or education in a variety of types of real estate. While additional certifications aren’t required, they do translate to ongoing and up-to-date knowledge that can better serve clients in a myriad of types of real estate. 

An example of a real estate certification that can boost business is a certificate of skills that deal with land selling. This is important knowledge to have when it comes to farms or empty lots. A very different ball game than selling or buying homes, which is what a lot of people think of when it comes to real estate. The knowledge a realtor has regarding homes doesn’t necessarily translate to luxury developments of skyscrapers or farmland. 

The Different Types of Real Estate Certificates

While there is a myriad of real estate agent certifications online and designations, below you’ll find a list of some more popular ones:

ALC: Accredited Land Consultant

This real estate certification focuses on individuals that specialize in land brokerage transactions, like farms and rances or undeveloped land. They are also knowledgeable on wholesaling lots, site selection, subdivisions, development land, and land parcels. 

CCIM: Certified Commercial Investment Member

This certification means the realtor has completed advanced coursework in financial and market analysis which strongly caters to the commercial real estate industry. Having the CCIM means being recognized as a leading expert in commercial investment real estate.

CRB: Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager

This designation is for realtors interested in real estate managing brokerage and communicates a level of industry knowledge that tends to increase firm profitability. 

MRP: Military Relocation Professional

This real estate certification is for those who are interested in working with current and former military service members. It is focused on helping veterans and their families find housing solutions that take full advantage of the benefits and support afforded to our military.

Using SimpleCert to Create Printable Certificates

SimpleCert provides real estate certifications without the waiting hassle or cheap-looking designs. You have access to the SimpleCert design studio where you can choose from an enormous library of prebuilt certificate templates or create one yourself. You’re able to add custom artwork, company logos, or choose from the thousands of photos, graphics, and icons to ensure your real estate certification is unique.

Wondering what that costs? It’s completely free to sign up and you get your first 10 real estate certifications without being charged. After you’re done designing the real estate designation you’ll have the option to save, print, send, store, or share on social media. You can even upload a list of recipients that can instantly get their printable real estate certification. 

If you’re ever stuck on a design or need help with the myriad of tools SimpleCert provides in our design studio, we have a handy help center where you can get the most out of creating a real estate certification. 

If you’re ready to be awarded with ease, sign-up for free today and share your achievements however you see fit.

Business Owner looking at tablet.

Warranty Certificates for Your Business

When a customer purchases your product, they want to be reassured that they made the best decision. Part of that reassurance comes from a warranty certificate that you provide them. The custom warranty certificate is confirmation that in the event that your product fails to deliver as promised, your customer can reach out to you for resolution.

Why are warranty certificates so important?

A warranty certificate is a critical document because, without it, your customer will not be able to make a claim for a repair or replacement. Therefore, a warranty certificate must contain wording that outlines your company’s terms and conditions, which includes the warranty period and other important information. Here are a few examples of custom warranty certificates that you can create, print and email with SimpleCert®.

5 Types of Warranty Certificates

Product Warranty Certificate

A product warranty certificate is probably one of the simplest of warranty certificate options. It contains clear language that includes product terms and conditions, warranty period, the limitation of warranty, and other important information that can be customized to your specific needs.

Extended Warranty Certificate

With an extended warranty certificate, the most obvious benefit is your customer’s peace of mind. The extended warranty requires a customer to pay in addition to the cost of your product but the knowledge that if there is a repair needed down the road outweighs the cost of the extended warranty.

Lifetime Warranty Certificate

This warranty certificate is the “granddaddy” of them all. BY giving your customers this certificate, you are giving them a reason to trust in the quality and lifespan of the product they purchased. There are some subtle nuances as to what “lifetime” means, however, and that will be something that you and your company will need to define.

Limited Warranty Certificate

A limited warranty certificate applies to specific aspects of your product, certain types of product defects or any other conditions that you place on the product. This could include covering just parts, splitting the cost of the repair with the customer and more options.

Certificate of Authenticity

This certificate is vital when the product in question needs to be authenticated as real. Being able to provide your customer with a product authenticity certificate is what ensures that you and your business are credible and your customer has a genuine product.

With SimpleCert®, you can build professional warranty certificates that cover all the details of your product and its warranty information for any situation or type of coverage you may need.  You can choose from basic templates that do the job or choose from dozens of templates for PC or Mac. You can add your branding and other personalization that will instill confidence and trust when providing them to your customers.

How To Use the SimpleCert® Platform to Create Printable Warranties

Ready to get started with SimpleCert® and want to know how much it will cost? That’s easy…nothing! You can sign up for SimpleCert® completely free, with no credit card required. Free users can create, print and send up to 10 warranty certificates per month.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll enter the SimpleCert® design studio where you can choose from a vast library of prebuilt certificate templates, or create your own from scratch. You can add your own custom artwork or company logo, and browse an online library of thousands of photos, graphics and icons to make your certificate truly one of a kind.

After you’re done designing your warranty certificate you’ll have the option to save, print, send and store. If you’re using your template to print certificates for one or a few recipients, the process is fairly straightforward. Certificates are saved as PDFs, which can then be printed or emailed directly from the SimpleCert® online system.

For businesses who want to send a warranty certificate to multiple recipients, you can use our bulk certificate API, Zapier connection or Google Forms to upload a list of recipients which will then be automatically mapped to your template. You can then use the SimpleCert® send tool to dispatch your certificates via email.

Our help center is also a great resource for businesses and individuals looking to get the most out of their SimpleCert® experience. 

Did we mention that it’s totally free to get started? There simply isn’t a better or more convenient way to create printable certificates that can be used offline, online or anywhere you wish! Be sure to check out more certificate examples to get inspired.

Create, Store, Send and Print! Explore SimpleCert® Printable Certificates

When was the last time you received a certificate? Perhaps it was a gift certificate, or certificate of achievement recognizing a job well done? It’s possible that it has been years since you even thought about printable certificates, because let’s face it–everything is digital these days!

But just because people may not be printing certificates as often as in the past, doesn’t mean that certificates are less valuable or rewarding. In fact, certificates are even more valuable today, as professionals on LinkedIn and other job platforms seek attractive and meaningful ways to showcase their accomplishments and skills.

Until recently, individuals and businesses had limited ways to create and print certificates, and even fewer avenues to manage and distribute certificates on a bulk scale. SimpleCert® was created to address the needs of all users, whether you want to design a single printable certificate, or need to create and dispatch hundreds of certificates at once. 

SimpleCert®’s intuitive certificate maker is a fun and easy way to create printable certificates for any purpose. Even better, you can use SimpleCert® to save, store and send your certificate all through our browser-based platform. Sounds simple, right? 

Keep reading–we’ll show you several ways you can use SimpleCert® to create certificates for every occasion, and how to get the most out of every unique feature of our online certificate generator.

SimpleCert® has printable certificates for every industry or occasion

For many people the thought of printable certificates conjures memories of sports or school awards. Those easier, more relaxing days when you would receive a certificate and perhaps even cash it in for a pizza party or video rental (okay, we may be dating ourselves on that one…)!

Those same people may be surprised to learn that such certificates are still in circulation today! Coaches, schools and business all rely on printable certificates to award recipients for their hard work, and to keep track of an individual’s progress. 

The SimpleCert® platform is used by thousands of individuals and organizations around the world for a number of purposes ranging from personal to professional. Here are some examples of certificates SimpleCert® users have created:

Remember when we mentioned that many people are looking to “bulk up” their professional profiles? Certificates are a low cost and easy way for employers to recognize employee growth and contributions. SimpleCert® certificates can be shared on all of the most popular social media sites. 

Small businesses can also use SimpleCert® to design and send one of a kind gift certificates. Perhaps now more than ever, businesses are turning to gift certificates to keep consumers engaged while capacity restrictions are in place. SimpleCert®’s online certificate maker gives you the power to design completely custom gift certificates that can be printed or sent via email to customers of your choosing.

Simply put, there’s no limit to the ways you can use SimpleCert®! Whether you want to print or send your certificate via email, there’s a certificate template ready to fit your needs. Feeling a creative itch? You can even create your own certificate from scratch!

How to use the SimpleCert® platform to create printable certificates

You’ve seen the numerous possibilities of SimpleCert®, and by now you probably want to know the most important part: what will it cost? Well… nothing! Signing up for SimpleCert® is completely free, with no credit card required. Free users can create, print and send up to 10 certificates per month.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll enter the SimpleCert® design studio where you can choose from a vast library of prebuilt certificate templates, or create your own from scratch. You can add your own custom artwork or company logo, and browse an online library of thousands of photos, graphics and icons to make your certificate truly one of a kind.

After you’re done designing your certificate you’ll have the option to save, print, send and store. If you’re using your template to print certificates for one or a few recipients, the process is fairly straightforward. Certificates are saved as PDFs, which can then be printed or emailed directly from the SimpleCert® online system.

For businesses who want to send a certificate to multiple recipients, you can use our bulk certificate API, Zapier connection or Google Forms to upload a list of recipients which will then be automatically mapped to your template. You can then use the SimpleCert® send tool to dispatch your certificates via email.

Our help center is also a great resource for businesses and individuals looking to get the most out of their SimpleCert® experience. 

Did we mention that it’s totally free to get started? There simply isn’t a better or more convenient way to create printable certificates that can be used offline, online or anywhere you wish! Be sure to check out more certificate examples to get inspired. 

Man typing on computer.

Canva vs. SimpleCert®: Which Free Certificate Maker Is Best?

Online design tools have soared in popularity over the last several years as more businesses seek creative ways to streamline their marketing budgets. Apps such as Canva make it easy to create attractive designs that can be posted to social media or printed for any purpose. They even offer free certificate templates for individuals or businesses. Canva is easy to use and we admit, it’s a lot of fun, but it doesn’t offer advanced tools that businesses need to be able to create bulk certificates. This is a major drawback for organizations who need to certify hundreds or thousands of employees quickly and easily.

That’s where SimpleCert® comes in. We built SimpleCert® with businesses in mind. Programs like Canva or Microsoft Office can give you a few tools to design certificates, but their usefulness in deploying certificates through email or other online systems is quite lacking. SimpleCert® fills in the gaps by providing beautiful and intelligent certificate templates that can be customized, saved, stored and sent all through a single browser-based platform.

Before we dive into the details of what each platform offers, we want to be absolutely honest: we’re not out to make it seem as though you have to choose between Canva and SimpleCert®! In fact, both free certificate makers offer a variety of unique tools that can work in tandem to create truly one of a kind (and functional) certificates. 

It’s important to understand the benefits (and potential limitations) of each platform, so you know how to get the most out of Canva and SimpleCert®

Canva is great for creating graphics, but the buck stops there

If you’ve dabbled in Canva before, you know that it’s a very intuitive program that makes it easy for novice designers to put together attractive designs for posters, certificates, birthday cards and more. They have a library of templates, images and photos to pick from, many of which are free to use. 

One of its best features is how easy it is to drag and drop design elements into a premade template. Canva can automatically crop images to fit a frame, or reshape photos to fit your design goals. Even users who are new to Canva will find that it’s easy to get started and fun to dig into. 

Where Canva starts to fall short is in its limited capacity to “do” things with your designs. You can save your creations and post them to social media, or send them off to be printed (for a cost), and that’s pretty much all you can do with your designs.

Canva certificates don’t offer a way to dynamically swap in names, dates or other information. This is a big problem for companies who need an efficient way to apply unique names and data to certificates on a bulk scale. For example, a real estate brokerage may need to create 150 certificates of completion for agents who have recently finished a continuing education course.

Canva could be used to create the certificate design, but the user would have to manually enter each agent’s name into the certificate. You can imagine how time consuming that would be. Now consider how many businesses need to generate bulk certificates for 200, 1,000 or even 10,000 people. 

SimpleCert®’s free certificate maker offers more than just attractive designs

SimpleCert® meets a critical need in many industries by providing a seamless and easy way to create one-off or bulk certificates without the need for advanced technological prowess or software. You don’t even need to download anything to your Mac or PC! SimpleCert®’s online certificate generator tool is entirely web/browser-based. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for your free SimpleCert® account.
  • Choose from a pre-built certificate template, or create your own.
  • Browse our library of thousands of icons, images, photos and design elements. You can even upload your company’s logo.
  • Use our intuitive API , Zapier, Google Forms or manual upload option to populate your certificate design with your list of recipients.
  • Save, store or send your certificate at any time. 

Recipients can even post their certificate to social media sites where they can get the recognition they deserve!

Whether you need to create a single certificate or send it to thousands of recipients, SimpleCert® is a fast and affordable way to streamline your workflow. 

How to use Canva and SimpleCert® together to create unique certificates

Like we mentioned earlier, our aim isn’t to tell you not to use Canva. In fact, Canva is a great design tool that you can use to enhance your SimpleCert® certificate designs. Consider using Canva to edit or add design elements to your own photos or graphics. Canva’s powerful design tools give you the flexibility to create unique graphics that can then be saved and imported into your SimpleCert® certificate design!

Canva is also a great resource for inspiration. There are thousands of designs and templates for many different uses. See a design you like? You can recreate it in SimpleCert® using our certificate design tool, or save elements from Canva and upload them to your SimpleCert® design. 

Once you’re done designing, your SimpleCert® certificate is ready to be printed right away, sent via email, or you can store it for use at any time in the future. Best of all? Your first certificate is totally free–no credit card required to sign up. 

With Canva and SimpleCert®, it’s not really a matter of which is better–it’s realizing the strengths each platform offers, and using the best parts of both to create a unique certificate that properly represents your brand and gives your recipients the acknowledgment they deserve.

Get Inspired With Free Certificate Designs From SimpleCert

Get Inspired With Free Certificate Designs From SimpleCert®

While we were developing the SimpleCert® certificate maker platform we sought to make the process easy and stress free, unlike programs like Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word or Publisher. If you’ve tried to design in other software you’ve likely felt the headache of trying to merge columns and rows, add padding or resize images without distortion. Even more troubling is the monthly fee you typically have to pay with cloud-based programs like Adobe or Office 365.

SimpleCert® removes the hassle, cost and frustration of designing an online certificate. Our certificate maker is entirely online–there’s no software to install. You can design, store, send and save your certificates directly from our online platform. Whether you need to create a single certificate or tens of thousands, SimpleCert® offers easy to use, intuitive tools that take the guesswork out of creating a custom certificate.

Even better? SimpleCert®’s completely free certificate maker works seamlessly on Mac or Windows PC devices, and you can even access your account from your mobile device without the need for special apps.

Certificate Examples That Are Free and Easy To Use

Tired of the boring and bland certificates that come with word processing programs? We were too, which is why we built the SimpleCert® certificate maker to allow for maximum design flexibility. You can even browse a library of thousands of photos and clip art, or upload your company logo to give your certificate a polished finishing touch.

The SimpleCert® community is always coming up with new and clever designs for every type of certificate. Take a look at some certificate examples that other SimpleCert® users have made using our free & easy design tool:

Not quite ready to flex your design muscles? Not a problem. We have dozens of professionally designed and ready to use certificate templates that you can tweak to fit your needs.

Who Benefits From Using SimpleCert®?

To put it simply (no pun intended): everyone can benefit from our fun and free certificate maker! Our community of certificate-enthusiasts is made up of businesses and individuals who came to SimpleCert® looking for an easier (and simpler) way to create certificates online. Here are some of our most popular use cases:

Schools & Education Certificates

Show your students and staff that you share in their success! SimpleCert® is perfect for creating:

  • Perfect Attendance Awards
  • Honor Roll Certificates
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Dean’s List Awards

Classroom Awards
Explore some of the school award templates other users have made. No matter what your students are being recognized for, there’s a SimpleCert® certificate for the occasion!

Real Estate Certificates

Real estate is one of the most competitive and challenging careers in recent years, with as many as 90% of agents dropping out of the industry within their first two years. When the market and competition is fierce, recognizing and rewarding your real estate agents can greatly boost morale. 

Here are a few ideas you could use for your real estate agency:

  • Top Producer Award 
  • New Agent of the Year Award
  • Million Dollar Club Award
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Highest Sale Volume Award

Continuing Education Certificate
You can even use SimpleCert® to create certificates for use in office contests. Pair a real estate award template with a fun prize like tickets to a sporting event, wine tasting or gift card to show your agents and staff that you appreciate their hard work.

Youth Sports Award Templates

While many kids find the bulk of their entertainment online, it can be a fun and unexpected treat to offer youth sports players digital and printed certificates that recognize their hard work & dedication to their team. SimpleCert® certificates can even be shared directly on social media, so you can let all of your friends and family know that your little leaguer has received the recognition they deserve!

Here are some of the popular youth sports award templates available:

  • Most Improved Award
  • MVP Award
  • Rookie of the Year Award
  • Cheerleader Award
  • Team Spirit Award
  • Good Sport Award

And many more free and customizable sports award templates. Whether you want to congratulate a young athlete on their amazing skill, or recognize the hard work of a coach or teammate, SimpleCert® makes it easy and fun to create custom sports awards for any occasion.

Flex Your Certificate Design Muscles For Free!

Our goal at SimpleCert® has always been to provide a fun, free and easy way for users to unleash their creativity. Signing up is free, and there’s no credit card required to get started! You can design, build, send and store your first certificate completely free of charge. 

SimpleCert® certificates can be printed or sent digitally. As soon as you’re done designing, your certificate can be exported as a PDF and printed right away, or you can send it to whoever you choose via email. Not ready to send your certificate just yet? No worries–your certificate design will be stored in your account for free. You can access it any time in the future.

Remember, there’s no software to install, and no requirements or hoops to jump through. Once you sign up you can let your imagination soar!

How to Make A Certificate In Word Vs. SimpleCert Certificate Maker

How to Make A Certificate In Word Vs. SimpleCert® Certificate Maker

If you’ve grown up using a PC, you’re likely well acquainted with Microsoft Word. Word is a powerful tool that millions of Mac and PC users rely on to accomplish day to day work and school tasks. It offers a wide range of tools to tackle nearly any type of project, from word processing and birthday party invitations to advanced graph and table functions. 

Word can even create certificates and the process is fairly simple, but users are limited to preset templates. Without advanced knowledge of Word’s features, it can be difficult to customize the prebuilt certificate templates.

Steps to Make A Certificate In Word

For all that Microsoft Word does well, it can fall victim to being a “jack of all trades, master of none” in certain scenarios. While Word does offer a certificate function, the options are limited and users need advanced skills to make changes to padding, tables, boxes and other template elements. 

To access basic Microsoft Word templates, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Word and select New
  2. In the Search box in the upper left corner, search for “certificate.” You’ll be presented with a gallery of prebuilt designs.
  3. Choose a template, and select Create to begin filling out the certificate.
  4. From there, your options to change the template color or other design elements varies from template to template. Click on any element in the certificate to see your options for customizing.

Some basic options available in most templates include the ability to customize a recipient name, the type of award or certificate being presented, font type & size and color. 

For some users who need only basic certificates for a one-off project, Word may be able to satisfy your needs. However, if you want the ability to fully customize a certificate quickly and easily, you need to seek out a dedicated certificate maker software.

The SimpleCert® Certificate Maker Is Easy and Fun To Use

The advantage of the SimpleCert® certificate maker lies in how easy it is for users of any skill level to master. You don’t need to know how to navigate tables, rows or columns to produce a polished, completely unique certificate.

The SimpleCert® system utilizes drag and drop technology that gives you the freedom to place any design element anywhere on the page–there’s no fighting with preset border restrictions or tables, which is a common frustration for users of Microsoft Word.

SimpleCert®’s certificate maker is entirely online–there is no software to download or take up space on your computer. It works seamlessly with Mac or PC devices, and is mobile friendly.

Get Creative With Customizable Certificate Templates

Microsoft Word offers many premade certificate templates to choose from, but it falls behind in terms of customization. The original intent behind Microsoft Word was to make it easy to use, regardless of one’s familiarity with the software. To meet the needs of every user, Word offers predesigned templates with the option to edit the default text.

That may be ideal for some cases, but users who want to explore their creative side, or access a higher level of customization, certificates in Word tend to fall short of satisfaction.
SimpleCert® has customizable certificate templates that offer the flexibility of “drag and drop” design tools, and our many clip art and photo integrations give you access to thousands of free-to-use images that will make your certificate truly unique.

Print, Email and Store Your Certificates

For one-off projects where you only need to print one certificate, Microsoft Word may be a quick option to “get the job done.” But as soon as you need to recreate the certificate for multiple people, perhaps for church awards, youth sports awards, or other bulk cases, Word starts to fall short of expectations.

SimpleCert® was built to tackle any size project, from single certificates to bulk certificate quantities. The SimpleCert® system allows users to design, build, print, send and store their certificate all in one easy to use management system.

Perhaps the most key advantage of the SimpleCert® system is that users can send certificates to lists of any size. Our API integrations and bulk certificate generator functions make it easy to dynamically generate thousands of certificates that can be automatically sent to a list of recipients. 

This convenient feature makes it easy to disperse certificates across entire companies or distribution lists. Need to send hundreds of certificates of completion to employees who recently went through training? SimpleCert® can automate the task with ease, saving you hours of time and company resources.

Get Started On A Custom Certificate Now

Getting started with SimpleCert® is fast, easy and FREE! You can create, print and send up to 10 certificates per month at no cost. 
Sign up now for a free SimpleCert® account and see how easy it is to unlock your creative side!

New CPE Standards 12/31/2019

New Year, new CPE standards.

Revised CPE Standards

Many SimpleCert® customers use SimpleCert® to create CPE certificates for their attendees, so we wanted to inform you of new standards now posted on the NASBA website. Interested parties are encouraged to download the Standards and the Fields of Study documents, which can be found on this page.


NASBA and the AICPA approved the revisions to the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (Standards) during their respective October and November Board of Directors meetings. 

In addition, the NASBA Board approved and the AICPA Board took a position of support on the revised NASBA Fields of Study document. The NASBA Fields of Study document is referenced in the Standards and provides guidance on the classification of CPE credits into acceptable subject matter areas.

The following documents are available for download:

How to create certificates in bulk

How to Create Bulk Certificates

If you are looking for how to create certificates in bulk and you search in Google, you will see certificate supplies, certificate builders, how to use mail merge in no less than 20 steps, applications that have certificates as add-ons, and finally the mix-up of ssl certificates to those of award certificates. 

You have a list and you have a certificate, so your intuition tells you it shouldn’t be hard to merge the information and email it out, right? You can do it through excel and the steps to mail merge and create certificates in word, but then you need to print them. What about individually saving them?

You can set it up in Google Forms and have it attached as a PDF and emailed. That seems more like it. But again, it’s not very straight forward and takes many, many, steps. You still have don’t have individually saved certificates.

Finally, you found an application you can download, and it seems pretty plug and play. It even saves the certificates. Awesome. But what if you misspelled a name or sent it to the wrong email, now what? How are your certificates organized, updated, and resent?

3 Reasons Why Creating Certificates in Bulk with SimpleCert® is the answer:

  1. It’s so quick and easy. With SimpleCert®, once you have your Certificate template perfected and your email template ready to go, it really takes only seconds to create bulk certificates. For example, one of our customers had over 3,000 past certificates and it literally took 7 seconds to create, import and save them to her SimpleCert® account.
  2. Unlimited storage. Every certificate created is stored. Past certificates can be imported in bulk and then your recipients simply have to log into your SimpleCert® portal to retrieve all of their certificates (past and present) all from one account.
  3. Customer support. If you think SimpleCert® is your answer for current and future certificates, but don’t know what to do about your past ones, let us help you. We recently helped a customer transition from another system to SimpleCert® because they were overwhelmed with how to transition past certificates. They thought it would be too cumbersome and take too long to import. Importing certificates in bulk is our specialty!

With over half a million certificates stored for our customers, SimpleCert® has the infrastructure to easily handle importing your bulk certificates too!

Learn more about SimpleCert® here.

Young man holding a framed certificate.

Looking to get Certificates printed, framed and mailed out?

This is a question we receive now and again, and the short answer is Yes – we do that. And we’d be happy to talk with you if you are searching for a way to accomplish this.

However when we are working with our clients, or talking with prospective companies about setting up a system to mail out framed certificates, there are several important factors to consider. It’s best to fully consider all aspects to determine if it is possible for you to get certificates printed, framed and mailed.

This blog will highlight some of the major considerations to keep in mind, if you are looking to outsource the printing, framing, and mailing of your certs.

1. Who Knew Style Could Be Fragile?

Everyone comes to this discussion with a similar intent: To reward your recipients – doctors, graduates, honorees, etc – with an impressive, meaningful, framed award certificate that will immediately be hung on a wall for years to come. It’s a noble, commendable goal.

However, keep in mind that a large, beautiful frame that checks all the boxes in the design category might be fragile, and easily damaged during shipping. Ensuring that it does arrive in a pristine shape means the packaging costs might become more than you have bargained for. But, when thinking about what your end product will be to your recipients, it’s best to think about it in terms of utilizing a frame that is simple, sturdy and not overly large.

Another common misstep is to automatically rule out using frames that have clear acrylic as a faceplate, in lieu of using frames that have a glass face plate. As we all know, glass is fragile, and even the best packed frames can sometimes break during shipment. If your goal is to deliver a meaningful memento, having him/her open the package to discover glass shards is not a great lasting impression.

It’s our recommendation to consider using frames that have a clear acrylic faceplate, to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

2. There’s a Reason it’s Called Snail Mail

As you may know, SimpleCert® is an online self-service tool that allows you to instantly create any number of certificates. Certificate recipients have a high quality, electronic certificate waiting in their email inbox the second you send them out from SimpleCert®. Instant gratification!

When we send certificates out for clients via mail your recipients can easily be waiting for many days, even weeks before they receive their certificate. It’s possible that the perceived value of your certificate may diminish to a recipient during that time. Of course, this can be offset to some extent depending on how much money you are willing to spend to ship them out.

Every use case is different, so be sure to ask yourself how important it is that your certificates are received quickly. Will the perceived value of your certificate diminished by the amount of time it might take to mail to a recipient?

3. The Elephant in the Room That’s Standing on your Certificates

In a word: Cost.

The cost per certificate, to print, frame, and mail a certificate can quickly become a factor if you are sticking to a budget. As has been mentioned above, each use case is different. And we can help you assess and determine if cost will be a factor for you to mail certificates.

In general, here are some ballpark costs that you can expect to pay, if you are looking to have your certificates framed and mailed, per certificate and BEFORE actual shipping costs are factored in:

  • SimpleCert® creation of certificate: $.10 cents
  • Certificate cardstock: $.45 – $1.10
  • Printing: $.49 cents
  • Mailers and packaging: $.55 – $3.50 dependent on the size of the certificate frame
  • Certificate frames: $4.50 – $15.50 per frame

With these numbers it’s safe to project that you are looking at ballpark costs of between $6.09 – $20.69, per certificate as a good estimate, not including shipping costs. Of course additional custom features, like gold foil stamping, can increase these costs as well. However, If these numbers are within your budget, then let’s talk and we can get you set up.

Suffice to say when projecting out these costs across an entire Certificate program, many companies opt for an alternative method to distribute certificates. The vast majority of these companies opt to utilize SimpleCert® for its original design as a way to provide high quality certificates to recipients online.

4. It’s the Content, not the Container

Taking these factors into account, it will become easier to determine what is the right avenue for you to take.

If budget is a factor but there is still a strong need to mail certificates, consider engaging SimpleCert® to print high quality certificates that would be mailed without a frame. Taking out the certificate frame will greatly reduce shipping and packaging costs, and eliminate any possibility of damage in shipment.

Of course, it’s our opinion that the true value of any certification you give is in the actual certificate itself, and less so in an actual frame. SimpleCert® is designed to automate the process of Certificate Management, and provide your recipients with a high quality certificate that they can store and enjoy digitally OR physically if they choose to print the certificate out.

At the end of the day however, it’s our job to support you, so shoot us a line at inquiries@simplecert.net if you have questions, or are looking for a way to get certificates printed. We’re happy to help.

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