Church Certificate & Award Templates

Managing a church takes a tremendous amount of work. While some of that work may be done by paid staff, often churches are run off the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers. These volunteers dedicate significant portions of their time to help move the mission of the church forward. They may be helping to run vacation bible school, leading a ministry, or directing the choir. Regardless, each volunteer plays a pivotal role in the ministry of a church and deserves to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Certificates of Attendance

Popular Church Certificate Template Ideas:

SimpleCert® allows for the creation of any type of printable award or certificate with its drag and drop editor, but here are a few great ready-made ideas that will get your church started.
Church Certificate & Award Templates

Church Volunteer Appreciation Award Template

Volunteers make the gears of the church turn and a volunteer appreciation award will let your volunteers know that their efforts have been noticed and appreciated. This simple volunteer appreciation template can be used for everything from specific volunteer appreciation awards to a volunteer of the year award.

Church Certificate & Award Templates

Pastor Appreciation Award Template

Being a pastor is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. As the spiritual leader of a congregation, the pastor carries a great deal of weight and responsibility. Celebrate pastor appreciation day or pastor appreciation month with a printable appreciation pastor award that they can hang on the wall and remember that the effort is worth it.

Church Certificate & Award Templates

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Award Template

The children are the future of your church and one of the most important areas to invest time and resources into. Not everyone is gifted with working with kids and youth, that’s why those who are filling this role deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the next generation.

Sunday School & Youth Group Award Ideas

Beyond those pre-made ideas with SimpleCert® you can create any certificate you can imagine. Whether you’re looking to provide a meaningful award that recognizes the positive traits of every member of your Sunday school or youth group, or you’re looking to create some exciting custom awards that align with the personality of your church or denomination- these ideas will help get you started.

Here are a few great ideas to get you started:

Bible Reading Award
Caring Award
Compassion Award
Courage Award
Fairness Award
Faith Award
Generosity Award

Good Friend Award
Humanitarian Award
Innovator Award
Journaling Award
Kindness Award
Leader Award

Prayer Leader Award
Role-Model Award
Servant Award
Studying Award
Trustworthiness Award
Volunteer Award

Design Your Church Certificate Right Now for Free !

Certificate Examples

Design Your Church Certificate Right Now for Free!

No matter how you choose to award and recognize your church staff, members, and volunteers, SimpleCert® is the perfect tool to make the process simple. Sign-up today to create your first free award template! With SimpleCert® you can easily create simple one-off certificates or you can print awards for the entire church or kids ministry database. No matter the type of award or how many you need to create, the SimpleCert® system can make your job quick and easy.
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