Certificates of Attendance

SimpleCert allows you to design your own custom certificate of atteance using its steamlined online certificate maker. Whether you’re certifying perfect attendance at school or you’re providing proof of attendance for a workshop or confernece SimpleCert can help you create the perfect, branded, and customized certificate.

Attendance Certificate Examples

Below you will find a few examples of creative certificates of attendance designed and distributed by actual SimpleCert customers.

Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

IYTA – Certificate of the Month – February 2018

IYTA is a non-profit yoga association that provides Yoga Teacher Training and ongoing training for members. As a part of class and workshop completion, IYTA utilizes SimpleCert to manage and distribute completion certificates.

Editage Certificado

Editage – Certificate of the Month – January 2018

Editage Insight’s webinars are designed around certification courses; those candidates who successfully complete a course are awarded a certificate of completion. Editage Insights utilizes the SimpleCert platform to manage and distribute their completion certificates.

EMLab P&K – Certificate of Attendance

EMLab P&K’s IAQ training courses cover mold testing, data interpretation, Legionella contamination and more. Upon completion of the training requirements, environmental professionals receive a certificate of attendance that they can submit to their accreditation providers such as ABIH, ACAC, BCSP, BCRSP, CAHPI(BC), CRBOH, and InterNACHI for CPE.

Certificate of Attendance.

Certificate of the Month – October 2018 – Maarefah Management

Congratulations to Jester Pelaez and the team at Maarefah Management, who have been selected as the next SimpleCert Certificate of the Month Winner! Located in Dubai UAE, Maarefah Management is a world-class events, training and association management company that works closely with government institutions, industry bodies and professional associations.

HR Training Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of the Month – The Community College of Qatar – June 2018

CCQ was established in 2010 in collaboration with Houston Community College, with a goal of bringing American-style junior college academic criteria and standards to the Gulf Monarchy. Dr. Al Enezi utilizes SimpleCert to distribute certificates to faculty and staff who attend various training and certification sessions throughout the institution.

Certificate of the Month February 2019

Certificate of the Month – www.PauloAndrade.com

PauloAndrade.com is a company providing online courses through Udemy.com, an online learning platform that is aimed at professional adults.

Design your own attendence certificate for Free !

Design your own attendence certificate for Free!

No matter how you choose to award and recognize your students, participants, members, or volunteers SimpleCert is the perfect tool to make the process simple. Sign-up today to create your first free award template! With SimpleCert you can easily create simple one-off attendance certificates or you can create certificates of attendance for your entire database of participants automatically in bulk! The SimpleCert system is here to make the job of designing certificates quick and easy!

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