Keap Integration

The current age of business is about connection, integration, and easing the burden of repetitive or redundant tasks. From small businesses ‘ customer support to awards for following up on the most leads, there are analog processes that don’t need to exist anymore. For our part, SimpleCert aligns with popular platforms that help ease these burdens while providing streamlined certification and award creation. One example of how we battle repetitive tasks is how we work with a Keap integration.

What is Keap?

Keap is a marketing automation platform that stretches beyond marketing duties. It combines CRM with email marketing, ties to a shopping cart, and has a host of features from recurring payments to reports and reminders. Keap’s ability to automate so many tasks in a small business is why we at SimpleCert have ensured to pair with them. Carrying their streamlining efforts from the task at hand to recognition delivered.

Our ability to cooperate with popular online applications, like Keap, helps more people and businesses remove barriers from the award process and quicken hard-earned celebrating or recognition.

Using Zapier Keap Integration with SimpleCert

Zapier facilitates online applications working with other platforms and connects SimpleCert with a wide variety of others that can trigger your customized certifications or awards to go out. There are many ways to organize a trigger to take action in SimpleCert, for example:

  • Follow-ups to potential clients
  • New form submissions
  • new customers added
  • Payment made
  • new credit card charge

Depending on your goal with customized certificates and awards, each of these triggers can lead to an action that streamlines an action taken to recognition sent to the recipient. Using SimpleCert for this even gives you the ability to create certificates shareable on social media.

Certification Creation Made Simple

The ability to automate so many aspects of your business using a tool like the Keap integration is a phenomenal step in streamlining manual tasks, but SimpleCert completes the process where recognition is owed. Streamlined celebrations made easy, shareable, and helping your customers or employees feel recognized is an important part of retaining them, so why not automate that as well?

If you’re unsure how SimpleCert’s vast library of templates and tools for customizing certificates or awards could relate to someone using a Keap integration, explore the links below and discover the kinds of recognition you could give:

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Ready to Celebrate?

If you want to explore the vast array of award and certificate templates or test out how SimpleCert works, you can create an account for FREE! Even getting 10 certificates per month without spending a dime.

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