MailChimp Integrations

SimpleCert gives you access to a vast array of beautiful awards, certificates, and honors templates while also granting you tools to create your own. We also provide a delivery system that includes sharable features on social media, giving you a streamlined certification and award process that can integrate with other platforms you use, like MailChimp.

What is MailChimp and Why We Work With It

Marketing automation platform is too simple to explain what MailChimp is and what an asset it can be. It is better to describe MailChimp as an all-in-one tool. With it, you can manage email lists, create custom templates, automate marketing campaigns, and gather information via built-in forms. That last bit is especially important. MailChimp can easily send out little quizzes and surveys to customers, students, or anyone else you have listed in a particular campaign. 

If you’re wondering why SimpleCert is compatible with a platform like MailChimp when one of our features is delivering certificates automatically, the answer is simple. We are always striving to give our customers options so that the platforms they work with don’t need to be abandoned. While we may be able to do one of MailChimp’s features, that doesn’t mean you have to use ours. 

Having a MailChimp integration paired with using SimpleCert’s certificate creation gives you several options beyond our and theirs email list abilities. For example:

  • To send out awards using targeted email lists or specifically built campaigns in MailChimp
  • To connect information collected from Mailchimp to SimpleCert

Our ability to cooperate with popular platforms, like MailChimp, that people and businesses use in their certification or award processes is essential to removing roadblocks from recipients celebrating.

Using Zapier MailChimp Integration with SimpleCert

Zapier has the ability to connect SimpleCert with a wide array of platforms that can trigger us to send your customized awards. Depending on what process works best for certificates to be sent to their recipients, there are many ways MailChimp and SimpleCert can be triggered via Zapier:

  • A certificate is triggered when a new audience is added to a MailChimp account
  • A “welcome” certificate is sent out when a new subscriber joins your audience
  • A certificate is triggered when a recipient clicks a pre-specified link in a campaign
  • Completing a custom event trigger

Each of these triggers can kick off the process for someone to receive the certificate or award you’ve created for them. All without having to rebuild an email list or abandon the campaign. The MailChimp integration with SimpleCert is a powerhouse for delivering what your customers or clients have worked for.

Certification Creation Made Simple

Capturing information and data from your MailChimp campaigns isn’t new, that’s part of using their platform. What is new is having that information instantly relayed to where your custom-made awards or certifications are, then sent out in a matter of minutes. Streamlined celebration made easy, shareable, and connected with your other tools.

Explore the many kinds of awards and certifications that can be instantly delivered to your MailChimp campaign subscribers:

Award Students & Teachers Alike

Celebrate Youth Athletes

Faith Certificates

Ready to Celebrate?

If you want to explore the vast array of award and certificate templates or test out how SimpleCert works, you can create an account for FREE! Even getting 10 certificates per month without spending a dime.

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