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What is a Credit?


Credits are the currency of SimpleCert and are used to save a personalized certificate. One Credit will allow you to create and save one certificate.  Our free plan will give you 10 free credits per month.  If you need to send out more than 10 certificates per month, either as a one time send or as part of a reoccurring project, consider purchasing more credits via a bulk purchase or as part of a ongoing Monthly plan.

Users who only need to send out certificates a few times per year will want to buy credits in bulk. Once purchased, credits never expire and are always available for you to use for any certificate creation needs.

Users who have regular needs, or are looking for higher level functionality above the free plan will want to look at SimpleCert’s Monthly plan offerings. These plans provide a specific number of credits per month, as well as higher level abilities such as QR code authentication, user Recipient Portals, custom fonts, and extended Social Media integrations.

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