What’s the difference between Pay as You Go (PAYG) and a Monthly Plan?

he biggest difference between the two pricing structures is the features! With the monthly plans, you get the recipient portal, which is the personalized URL you will create upon registering [https://yourcompany.simplecert.net]. This URL is where all your recipients can go to create a free account and download all their certificates from you in one place. …

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What is a Credit?

Credits are the currency of SimpleCert and are used to save a personalized certificate. One Credit will allow you to create and save one certificate.  Our free plan will give you 10 free credits per month.  If you need to send out more than 10 certificates per month, either as a one time send or …

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Add additional Login/Users (available with Professional and Higher subscriptions)

As a main account holder you can add up to 5 additional users/logins to your account. This feature is available for professional monthly subscribers and higher. The main account holder can give certain permissions to each login including accesss to certain Cert Sets and as as editing rights. Please see the following video for more …

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SimpleCert API documentation

We’ve created several sources of information to help you understand how to use the SimpleCert® API. View our API documentation on Apiary or Swagger to learn how to integrate the SimpleCert® API, create new projects, add recipients and more.

How to change the “From Name” or “Sender Name”

Email requirements include using a from name that matches the sender. As a SimpleCert customer, the from name will automatically pull in the “Company Name” that you registered with when signing up for SimpleCert. You can however update this name, but by Can-SPAM requirements, this name has to representative of the individual, brand, or company …

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Add an attachment / file to email template

To add an attachment to your SimpleCert® email template, click on the following icon in your email editor. It will open a dialog box where you find the file you want to attach and then click “open”. It will then add instructions to download the file. This file is uploaded to your SimpleCert account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply go to your Plans section of your account settings and click cancel subscripion. Please note all subscription functionality will no longer be available, but projects and certificates will be preserved. Any remaining credits will be available via PAYG and do not expire.

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