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What is a Cert Set?

A Cert Set consists of a certificate template and notification email template.   Once you have designed your Template, you are then able to use that template to create actual certificates for your recipients. When you design your Cert Set, you can customize it to fit your exact needs.  Everything from adding images, logos and backdrops,

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You can now add attachments to your certificate template emails!

Regular users of SimpleCert® know that an important piece of your Certificate Template  – or Cert Set – is the notification email that is sent out to recipients.  It’s thru this email that you notify your award recipients they have received a certificate, as well as provide instructions for how to access and even print

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Here’s a Pro Tip: We’ll build your Cert Set for you!

Here at SimpleCert® HQ, support is continually focused on providing the help and guidance that you need.  For some that may be digging into an excel file containing a recipient list to uncover incorrect email addresses.  For others, it may be helping with a stubborn logo or graphic that a user wants to place on

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