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What is a Cert Set?

A Cert Set consists of a certificate template and notification email template.   Once you have designed your Template, you are then able to use that template to create actual certificates for your recipients. When you design your Cert Set, you can customize it to fit your exact needs.  Everything from adding images, logos and backdrops, custom wording and special fonts, etc. is easily updated. You will also add Merge Variables onto your template that will be used to match to your recipient data when you send out a project (both on the certificate and the email). You can create as many or as few Merge Variables as needed on your Cert Set.

When you sign up for a free SimpleCert® account, you are able create one Cert Set. Once you create your Cert Set, it’s available for use for as long as you keep your account. If you need to create a certificate with a different background or signature, you can easily purchase more Cert Sets from within the tool.

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