Gravity Forms Integrations

SimpleCert provides a myriad of tools and gorgeous templates for you to create unique awards and certificates for those who’ve earned them, even streamlining the delivery process while including the ability to instantly share on social media. To better serve our customers, you can now use the Gravity Forms integration with your SimpleCert account!

What is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms integration makes collecting contact information all the easier for WordPress websites. While it was initially used to create contact forms, it now can be used to collect information via employment applications, calculators, and work with other WordPress plugins.

Using the Gravity Forms integration, you’re able to develop simple to quite complex forms for visitors and customers to fill out, and choose from a variety of templates or build them out yourself. Gravity Forms also works with numerous external services, such as MailChimp, PayPal, and Zapier.

Working with popular plugins and platforms, like the Gravity Forms integration, further enables SimpleCert to remove the roadblocks from celebrating achievement. We are always ready to align with what businesses and people use to better streamline the certification and award creation process, enabling people to quickly get what they’ve worked so hard for — recognition.

Using Zapier Gravity Forms Integration with SimpleCert

Zapier has the ability to connect SimpleCert with a wide variety of platforms that can trigger SimpleCert to send recipients customized certifications. There are two primary ways you can set up the Gravity Forms integration to work with Zapier, and thus SimpleCert:

  • SimpleCert is triggered by a form submission
  • SimpleCert is triggered by a new form entry

This easily translates into automating the points between a person completing a task to receiving their certification or award, further streamlining how you congratulate people for their efforts.

Certification Creation Made Simple

Our only goal here at SimpleCert is to streamline celebration and make it easy as well as shareable. That’s why we’ve made sure to align with the WordPress plugin Gravity Forms, so that information can be instantly collected and relayed to where your custom-made awards or certifications are. Recognition in a matter of minutes.

If you’re unsure as to what kind of certificates or honors can be made, or if your organization even needs such a service, we encourage you to explore the links below for ideas on how to take advantage of SimpleCert with your Gravity Forms integration:

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Award Students & Teachers Alike

Celebrate Youth Athletes

Ready to Celebrate?

If you want to explore the vast array of award and certificate templates or test out how SimpleCert works, you can create an account for FREE! Even getting 10 certificates per month without spending a dime.

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