What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet web application that has reinvented what excel introduced. It’s an excellent tool to quantify, calculate, qualify, and organize data collected from a host of other collection tools. Being that SimpleCert is committed to ending the wait for celebrating achievement and furthering partnerships, we strive to be compatible with platforms that are used in courses or surveys.

Our ability to cooperate with popular web-based applications, like Google Sheets integration, that people and companies use to determine who has earned a certification or award is essential to removing roadblocks from recipient celebrating.

Using Zapier Google Sheets Integration with SimpleCert

Zapier has the ability to connect SimpleCert with a range of other platforms that triggers SimpleCert to send recipients customized certifications. There is a host of ways for the Google Sheets integration to be triggered to action:

  • New or updated spreadsheet row trigger
  • New worksheet trigger
  • Updated spreadsheet Row trigger in a team drive
  • New spreadsheet trigger
  • Delete spreadsheet row

Each of these triggers can lead to an action that streamlines the process from completing a test, survey, or other processes to achievement to the recipient receiving a shareable custom-made award.

Certification Creation Made Simple

Capturing information and data from a completed test or survey isn’t a new technology or tool, but the information instantly calculated and relayed to where the custom-made awards or certifications are, then sent out in a matter of minutes is new. Streamlined celebration made easy and shareable. 

That’s what the Google Sheets integration does when paired with SimpleCert. Whether you use Zapier to manage the connection for other platforms, like Google Forms, SimpleCert is there to better streamline the process to make recognition an instant experience.

Explore the many kinds of awards and certifications that can be instantly delivered or shared on social media by integrating Google Sheets with Simple Cert below:

Ready to Celebrate?

If you want to explore the vast array of award and certificate templates or test out how SimpleCert works, you can create an account for FREE! Even getting 10 certificates per month without spending a dime.

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