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You can now add attachments to your certificate template emails!

email_iconRegular users of SimpleCert® know that an important piece of your Certificate Template  – or Cert Set – is the notification email that is sent out to recipients.  It’s thru this email that you notify your award recipients they have received a certificate, as well as provide instructions for how to access and even print their custom certificate(s).  The notification email can also serve as an effective marketing tool within your Certificate Template  as they can be customized with text, fonts, and even pictures and logos to better  mirror your marketing style.

As part of a recent upgrade, we are excited to highlight a great feature enhancement that has now been added to the notification email – the ability to upload and add attachments!  Now, the notification email can be an even more effective  element of your Cert Set.  Let’s say for instance that as part of a certificate awards program for a class, you are also needing to distribute out  class notes.  Instead of having to mass email the notes out separately, you can simply just attached those notes to the notification email that is a part of that Certificate Template.  Boom!

As you use SimpleCert®, we encourage you to not look at the notification email as just the way to distribute certificates.  We encourage you to look at the notification email as a free and powerful element of your Certificate Template.   We’re hopeful that by adding the ability to use attachments as a part of this email, you’ll be able to maximize the effectiveness of this tool even more.

As always, a heartfelt shout out to all of you who have provided feedback and suggestions for how SimpleCert® can be improved. We’d be lost without you!  And remember, if we can help you with anything – creating your Certificate Template, solving a problem or even offering advice, do not hesitate to reach out to   (Please note any advice given shall be exclusively related to and solely pertaining to certificates – award certificates, diploma certificates, blank certificates, etc.  You really should only trust us to provide council on that!).

Happy Certificating!

The SimpleCert® Team

John Oliver needs a Certificate Tool!

John Oliver 1John Oliver needs a certificate tool!

We are huge fans of John Oliver and his hit show “Last Week Tonight”, and so we couldn’t  help but laugh even harder during the June 12th episode when John Oliver announced his staff had created 2 certificates for fans who could download them.  After downloading the certificates ourselves we feel it our moral and (ahem) professional duty to politely point out that John Oliver needs a Certificate Tool for his certification needs!

Instead of handwriting a person’s name on a certificate, think of how good it will look to have each name printed out, and a part of the certificate!  Imagine being able to automatically email certificates instead of printing each one of them. Imagine giving your recipients the ability to store and access their certificate(s) through an online portal… for free!  We think the producers of last Week Tonight would love to see who accessed their certificate(s) and who they issued a certificate to (maybe John Oliver will want to send out more Elf Spotting certifications in the future, who knows.. work with us here!) Whether is certificates of completion, or elf spotting certificates, SimpleCert® has you covered!

All kidding aside, our point is this – WHEN you have a need to create and distribute certificates for whatever purpose, look no further than SimpleCert® with any questions you may have – we’re even happy to help you with creating your certificate.  If anyone from Last Week Tonight happens to read this, we’d LOVE to help create an even better Elf Spotting certificate!  Bring it!

john oliver needs a certificate tool!

It’s Certificate Season! Your favorite online certificate tool is ready for the challenge.

Say what you will about early summer, but there’s no denying that it evokes a strong response from all of us.   The gardener is full-on into planning mode come late frost or not, and the boys of summer long for those sunny days and warm nights at the ballpark.  The sun is warm on our faces, and the expanse of summer is laid out before us, seemingly endless when viewed from the late days of May. Here at SimpleCert® HQ, this is a memorable time for a completely different reason:  It’s Certificate Season. Your favorite online certificate tool is ready for the challenge!

Think about it – Schools are wrapping up classes for the year (Graduation Certificates, Certificates of Achievement, Certificates of Completion), spring sports are at the end of their season, with summer sports already underway (Athletic Certificate Awards, Participation Awards, District and State Championship Certificates).  Summer camps will start soon (Camp and Learning Certificates, Participation Certificates, Jedi Master Training Certificates and Hot Dog eating contest certificates).

This is therefore likely a busy season for you too – and we want you to know that when it comes to certificates, we’ve got your back.  Whatever your specific need, industry or use happens to be – SimpleCert® is your one stop shop for creating, distributing and managing certificates.   Remember too if you are stuck with something or need help with your certificate, that’s what our support team is here for.  Send any questions, comments or requests for help to . We’ve more than happy to build your certificate for you – for free!  That’s what being a part of the SimpleCert® community buys you.  And if you know anybody who is looking for an online tool to create professional certificates, and to manage the process of distribution and tracking, they will find no better system than SimpleCert®.

Have a great Certificate Season!
The SimpleCert® Crew

Here’s a Pro Tip: We’ll build your Cert Set for you!

Summer-Book-A-ThonHere at SimpleCert® HQ, support is continually focused on providing the help and guidance that you need.  For some that may be digging into an excel file containing a recipient list to uncover incorrect email addresses.  For others, it may be helping with a stubborn logo or graphic that a user wants to place on a certificate.  Regardless of the need, Support is here to help.  Lately we’ve noticed several instances where users have even  requested help in the building of a complete Cert Set.   And while SimpleCert® empowers you to create amazing certificate(s) from within your account, let me again restate the mission of SimpleCert® Support:  We are dedicated to assist and help you in your use of SimpleCert®, in any way. So at the risk of soliciting eye rolls from the support cubicles, I’m making public knowledge what some of you have already figured out:  SimpleCert® support will build your cert set for you!  All you need is an account, and then simply send an email to

If you already have a certificate that you want to use in SimpleCert®, be sure to attach that to your email.  Or if you have ideas for how you want your certificate to look, just attach any drawings or artwork that you have.  Also remember that since a Cert Set consists of BOTH a certificate and the notification email that you will send to your recipients, be sure to include any language that you  want Support to add to that notification email.   Give us a day or so, and once we’ve gotten back to you just log into your account and voila!  A perfect certificate, ready for you to use. …

SimpleCert® version 2.0 is available with more features!

Hello from SimpleCert® HQ! It’s been a crazy and exciting few weeks here in the Silicon Forest, and it is with great excitement that we are announcing the release of SimpleCert® 2.0! A ton of effort, a lot of your suggestions and requests, and many long days and nights have gone into this important milestone. Thanks to all of you in the Voodoo Doghnuts:

  • SimpleCert® is now FREE to use! SimpleCert®’s free account gives you full access to the Build, Send and Store modules that allow you to create and manage your certificate program. Also included is the ability to send up to 10 certificate notifications per month – for free. That’s over 100 certificates free per year!
  • SimpleCert® now has both monthly, and “Pay as you go” Plans. With your account you have the option of signing up for a monthly account, or you can simply purchase credits as needed to complete your projects. The Pay as you Go option is great for users who don’t have regular needs for certificate distribution. The monthly option gives you a re-occurring allotment of credits per month, to complete your projects. For those of you who have infrequent needs for a tool like SimpleCert®, the Pay as you go option is tailored exactly for you!
  • You can send out as many projects per month as you need! SimpleCert® is available for use whenever needed – whether that‘s once a day, once a week, or once a year. Because you are no longer limited to sending out a set number of projects per month, you can utilize SimpleCert® for your exact needs. Need to send out half a project today, and the other half next week? No problem! Got a busy month next month and need to send out 7 certification lists? Done! There are no longer any restrictions on how many times you can utilize SimpleCert®.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to create a tool that provided a solution to the very painful and time consuming process of certificate management– and with the release of SimpleCert® 2.0, we believe we are much closer to that goal. As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make SimpleCert® work better for you. And thank you again to all of you who have had a direct hand in shaping this release. You rock.
Don’t forget to check out the Video Tutorials! Take a look at the FAQ if you have a questions, or reach out to at any time.


The SimpleCert® team

Announcing SimpleCert® Tutorials!

SimpleCert<sup data-lazy-src=

The goal of the video tutorials are to provide you with tools to better master SimpleCert®. Based on your feedback, we hope these will be great instructional videos for both the novice and experienced user alike. Have a process question, or unsure of how an aspect of SimpleCert® works? Take a look at the video! Remember too that you can always dig into our FAQ for more in depth information, and if you are still looking for an answer then give support a shout. You can reach them at, or toll free at 877-410-4844. We’re always here to help and we love hearing from you.

Lastly, thank you for all of your comments and ideas about SimpleCert®. If you have a suggestion or an idea on how SimpleCert® could work better for you, we’re all ears. Might even be another way to score some fee coffee!

The SimpleCert® Crew

Introducing SimpleCert® – the Online Certificate Generator Tool

Health and WellnessIntroducing SimpleCert® – the Online Certificate Generator Tool

If you are reading this blog right now, we will buy you a cup of coffee. No Kidding! The first 10 people to send an email to will get a Starbucks card in the mail, compliments of SimpleCert®. What you may not realize while you are reading this blog, is that this is the first ever blog for SimpleCert®! Being a new company, we’re racking up a ton of “Firsts” these days.  So in true Silicon Valley form, this is the point in our story where the couches are pushed to the walls, the kitchen table is cleared off, the Fruit Loops are put away and beer is passed around to the SimpleCert® crew.. RIGHT?? Hardly. Truth be told, we’re nowhere near Silicon Valley (we ARE in the “Silicon Forest” but we know you have no idea where that is), the only couches in the office (not house) are used only for staff meetings, and the ping pong table hasn’t been used since.. forever (except as the table to conduct staff meetings on).

What has happened though, is this: A ton of hard work , sweat, and tears have been put into creating a tool that can solve a painful workflow process that many people face today: Finding a way to manage a Certificate Distribution process without using mail merges, spreadsheets, tacky certificate designs, sticky notes, BCC’ing mass emails, reams and reams of paper, etc.

SimpleCert® solves the difficult problem of automating how you build, send and store your certifications – and it works for any certificate, and for any certificate program. Let’s think thru a few scenarios:

  • You are the manager of your companies’ webinar program, and as a part of that program you provide online certificates of attendance to people – and you’ve been literally buried by the ongoing tasks on creating certificates, setting up and running mail merges, and then following up with attendees who claim to have never gotten your certificate, or need them re-sent. You my friend, need a Certificate Management System.
  • You are an elementary school teacher and at several points in the year you create certificates of achievement for your classes, and you are sick and tired of printing out hundreds of certificates – and then trying to distribute them to eager parents so they can hang them on their fridge. You need a Certificate Management System!
  • You manage live training classes all over the country for a professional certification board. As a continuing education provider you are not only required to distributive certification award, but you have to keep detailed records on every single recipient that you have awarded credits to – when they were distributed, often for a period of several years. You absolutely, positively need a Certification Management System.


Maybe you run an afterschool athletic program, or a Health and Wellness workshop… or a Jedi Master summer camp. We think you get the idea. Just like the best tools in your toolbox, SimpleCert® can be used to for an unlimited amount of uses – because it’s the right tool for the job. Introducing SimpleCert® – the online certificate generator tool.

So as you are looking around for an answer to how you can better manage creating and distributing your certificates, go ahead and sign up for the free 2 week trial. We are confident that you will love what you see. Let us know what you think too! Some of our early adopters have already been instrumental in shaping what SimpleCert® is now, and where it’s headed. And be sure to check back for tutorials, tips and tricks… and maybe even a good story or two – probably not about Fruit Loops, but maybe about commuting by bike in the rain. It rains a lot in the Silicon Forest!

The SimpleCert® Crew

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