SimpleCert® Recipient Portals

SimpleCert® Recipient Portals – Distributing certificates via individual portals

One of the most popular features  among SimpleCert® Monthly Subscribers is the Recipient Portal.  In this Blog we’ll describe what it is, how it works, and why it’s such a valuable feature to users with frequent certificate distribution needs.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably familiar with how SimpleCert® works:  SimpleCert® is a Certificate Management System.  It allows you to create a free certificate template, and then use that template design to distribute customized certificates to your recipients via a notification email.  Each recipients’ certificate is automatically customized by data that you upload into the system (first and last name, company, title of the class they have completed, for example) prior to sending your notification emails out.  Recipients simply click on a link that’s included in the notification email to access their certificate, and from there they can save or print their certificate out.

Pretty cool, huh?  Not so fast though – here’s where things get even cooler with the Recipient Portal.

The Recipient Portal feature is included in a monthly subscription to SimpleCert®.  As a monthly subscriber, you can brand Recipient Portals with your logo for an added marketing plug.   Then when you use SimpleCert® to distribute certificates, each recipient who you send a certificate to will have a Recipient Portal created for them in addition to the traditional certificate download link.  Every certificate that you send to that person in the future will also be placed into their portal and is available for them to access.

Let’s say for example you are an instructor for Continuing Education classes, and your students take your classes to earn credits that count towards their Continuing Education requirements.  Over several years you can expect your students to take multiple, if not dozens, of classes from you.  If you are a monthly subscriber to SimpleCert®, each of your students will have their own individual portal where all certificates they receive from you will be stored. They no longer have to track and store the certificates that you send out, and all of their certificates are accessible at any time from within their portal.  There’s no cost to them since it’s automatically included in your subscription to SimpleCert®.  You gain some valuable brand recognition with a branded Recipient Portal, and you provide a fantastic bonus to your recipients at the same time!

It’s pretty easy to see why for those in the know, the Recipient Portal feature is perhaps the greatest feature of SimpleCert®.  We invite you to log on and see for yourself today!



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