SimpleCert® saves you TIME

® saves you time.” src=”×226.jpeg” alt=”Isn’t your time worth it?” width=”300″ height=”226″> SimpleCert® saves you TIME

Have a beautiful certificate template you’ve already designed? Great! Just login into SimpleCert®’s builder, choose the blank – custom certificate template and import that great certificate as a background. (HINT: Click on change background instead of add image, it will automatically resize full certificate page size.)


We hope that SimpleCert® then extends and improves the certificate process even further by allowing you, after importing a great template, to then email it to your recipients. No more updating each certificate and saving individually!


SimpleCert® improves the Certificate process by saving you TIME:

  1. Automagically creating each individual Certificate for you (aren’t merge fields great!)
  2. Emailing all recipients at once (using secure SMTP servers or even your own-coming soon!)
  3. Easily searching certificates by project, recipient name, or email (no more where is that email?!)
  4. Updating Certificate names on the fly (seriously, update name and email again in seconds!)


Other features that go beyond the certificate builder are really in the sending and storing. Email features include allowing you to customize each email for every project/certificate with recipient’s name, the award/reward title, and the ability to add your logo and attachments. However, we think the magic is actually being able store and resend certificates. There are requirements for CPE providers, for example, to keep certificates for 5 years (auditing does happen!) And what better service as a CPE provider to be able to easily send those certificates out again (for free!) for those recipients trying to get all their credits aggregated and tallied for the annual renewal or the dreading individual audit!


So what’s stopping you from improving your Certificate Process?! Use SimpleCert® today and sign up for a free account. And for those of you that have signed up but haven’t got passed creating your first Cert Set, take the plunge. Isn’t your time worth it?

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