What is an API and Why You Need It

There are a lot of digital applications and types of interfaces with the goal of easing sending and receiving information or interacting with other platforms. An API is one of those types of software that allows two applications to “talk” with each other and is used in a wide range of websites, apps, and other types of platforms that require two separate entities to exchange information. 

Discover how we at SimpleCert use API to streamline your certificate creation and management process below!

The Application Programming Interface

API stands for Application Programming Interface and is an intermediary software that permits two applications to “talk” with one another. When online, you interact with APIs frequently, such as sending an instant message or checking the weather on your smartphone. Essentially, an API is a mechanism that allows communication within a set of definitions and protocols, much like a contract. They only communicate with each other using requests and responses as defined by the distinct function. 

How Does an API Work & What are the Benefits?

There are several ways an API can work, but they all are explained in similar terms of client and server. Essentially the API passes and exchanges data from one system to another, which aligns with SimpleCert’s overall goal of streamlining and automating manual processes with certificate creation, delivery, and reporting. While the principle is simple, there are enormous benefits to integrating API into your processes:

  • APIs give more flexibility in information-transfer processes
  • Using an API allows you to create layers that enable distribution to specific groups and people
  • APIs are customizable, from protocols to functions and commands.
  • APIs are extremely adaptable and can easily change through data migration. 

API is a powerful tool that can transform certification delivery and reporting by integrating into the app of your choice, having a system from finishing a test or class that automatically triggers delivery to the correct recipient. We at SimpleCert recognize how beneficial using an API is to our customers, which is why it’s offered in our free accounts as well as any other version of the SimpleCert application while most others only offer the API advantages with their enterprise level accounts. . 

SimpleCert’s API 

SimpleCert recognizes the usefulness and ease an API gives our customers and we use it to provide endpoints to send HTTP requests to automatically add data to your SimpleCert account. Our API is ideal for certification tests, as well as to create new projects and add certificate recipients.

An API can seem intimidating, looking at all the code, but it’s actually very simple! Remember, we at SimpleCert are dedicated to easy and simple certificate creation, and that’s why we use an Application Programming Interface. We provide two API documentation sources to integrate and learn how to use, which you can explore below:

Discover SimpleCert’s API on Zapier


Discover SimpleCert’s API on Apiary


Discover SimpleCert’s API on Swagger


If you need guidance or support using an API, or it’s your first time using one to streamline certificate management, we are here to keep it easy for you. Look through our Help Center below or contact our Support Team to help get easy street set-up for your certificates.

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