Continuing Professional Education

Types of Continuing Professional Education

Most of us have likely heard that education never stops, and in the professional world, that is absolutely true if you want to advance in your career. Continuing professional education can keep you in touch with the latest trends in your industry, better compete for jobs, and refresh or hone your skills. In many fields, continuing professional education (CPE) can be required as many programs will award certifications for having passed the training or course. 

What is Continuing Professional Education?

Continuing professional education, or CPE, is a general term for what is learned after a program, course, or training is completed. An example of CPE is a professional taking courses to keep or earn a license or certification. Many fields, such as medical and accounting, require those with a license to practice their specialties to take annual courses to keep their skills current. Other people may choose to take professional education programs or participate in conferences to gain new skill sets for a promotion or higher salary. Some CPA courses are offered by colleges and universities while others may be given through group internet-based CPA training programs or in-person CPA programs.

Types of CPE

There are dozens upon dozens of types of continuing professional development courses out there, too many to mention in fact, but there are two primary types of continuing professional education courses:

  • Professional licensing
  • General development/learning

General development programs are the type of programs that don’t help or offer a professional credential. They will help develop new skills or refresh current ones and can help boost your profession. For example, a graphic designer taking a course to learn the latest programs and tools available that can enhance their resume and make them a more desirable hire. 

Professional licensing courses are as they sound. These CPE programs offer development as well as certifications that prove you have taken them and know the necessary skills to maintain your license or possess it in the first place. 

Benefits of Professional Education Programs

There is a wide range of benefits that come with professional education continuing. While the specific advantages depend on what the continuing education program is and why you’re signing up for it, there are three core benefits to taking CPE courses:

  • Career Advancement: Continuing education for professionals can make your resume stand out from the competition when job hunting or seeking a promotion. Having training and courses listed, along with the certifications given, demonstrates a serious attitude towards your career and helps you accumulate more advanced skills which are both attractive to employers.
  • New Skills: While we’ve been discussing CPE in terms of career advancement and finding jobs, not all courses are about that. There are many areas of study that can be fulfilling for their own sake while potentially contributing to career advancement, like learning a new language or learning accounting to better balance the home budget. 
  • Keeps You Sharp: It’s easy to become intellectually lazy and rest on what you already know that has gotten you to where you are, the problem is that learning becomes an area of necessity rather than an investment in yourself. Taking courses or CPE development training keeps your mind active and challenged, bringing a confidence boost while bettering your skillset. Continuing education, whether for work or pleasure, is a nice reminder that there is more to know and that you’re able to know it. 

Certificates for CPE Professionals

Whether you’re interested in a CPE program or looking for easier ways to recognize your students, granting acknowledgment and certifications should be as difficult as the training itself. We at SimpleCert put giving awards and certifications on easy street by streamlining the process from signing up to delivery. Our certificate management program can be paired with a wide range of data collection platforms from MailChimp to Google Forms and offers easy-to-use design features to make your certificate as unique as your program. 

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