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QR Code Generator and Certificate Creation

QR codes are everywhere these days, from restaurant menus to add posters.  They have become a trusted way for people to easily access specific information (like the Friday drink special at your favorite restaurant) without having to manually type in a website or URL.  In fact, a recent study by QR Tiger showed the use of QR codes quadrupled in 2022 alone, resulting in over 6.8 billion scanned instances.  But did you know?  QR codes can also be used to guarantee content security and authenticity.  How?  That same effortless scan-and-take-me-there ability that a QR code provides can also be used to visually show if a page of content has been altered or forged.

Just like physical, printed certificates with raised seal stamps of authenticity, it’s just as important for electronic certificates to remain untampered with.  But how can you be sure that the electronic certificates you issue remain unedited and unchanged?  A solution is SimpleCert’s QR code generator.

What is a QR Code?

 A QR code is a two-dimensional (2D) barcode that can be scanned by smartphones or an app designed to read them. While QR codes are essentially a type of barcode, they are enhanced and don’t require any special equipment to read them like at a grocery store. QR codes can be linked to a website page or online document, and once scanned they can securely take you to that linked destination.

 Beyond the ability to be linked to a specific destination, QR codes are read differently than traditional barcodes. The types of barcodes you see on grocery store products are read top to bottom while QR codes are read both top to bottom and left to right, which gives them the ability to contain much more information. Another benefit to QR codes and how they’re read is that you don’t need to worry about an angle like you would with traditional barcodes. 

How a QR Code Generator Provides Security

 QR codes can provide a destination when scanned, but how does that pertain to certificate security and verification? 

SimpleCert’s QR Code Generator instantly provides unique verifiable QR codes on every certificate you create. Validation can be done using any smart phone or QR code reader app, and works regardless of how the QR code is scanned – even on printed out certificates.

SimpleCert’s QR Code Authentication System

At SimpleCert we understand the need to ensure security for your certificates.  Your business relies on it.  SimpleCert provides a way to revolutionize and automate your certificate management process, and with SimpleCert’s QR code authentication system you now have a way to ensure security and proof of authenticity with every certificate you distribute.

Streamlined verification for automatic certificate authenticity.

Ready to get your certificates rolling and ensure your digital certificates remain secure? Click below to sign-up for a free account, which allows you to distribute 10 certificates per month for free!  Take advantage of the endless customization, automation and process management that SimpleCert provides in an easy to use interface.  And rest assured, when using SimpleCert’s QR Code Authentication system, your certificates are secure.

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