Certificate of the Month winner, Athena Dental Solutions LLC

Congratulations to our next Certificate of the Month winner, Athena Dental Solutions LLC, located in Shelby, North Carolina!  Athena Dental Solutions was established in 2006 as a crown and bridge laboratory by Lori Hendrick, initially for OSHA and HIPPA Compliance.  In 2008, Lori expanded her business to include CE Courses for dental providers. Starting in September of 2022, Athena Dental Solutions became certified as DCE provider for ADA CERP.

Initially, Lori utilized Accredible as her Certificate Management System but found Accredible’s pricing expensive and its functionality restrictive.  Accredible created more work for Lori because she was having to individually validate continuing education credits.  

Fortunately, a friend of Lori’s was a user of SimpleCert and recommended she give the platform a try.

Lori signed up for a free account back in April 20023 and began sending her first Dental CE Records of Attendance that same day. “[Now] with SimpleCert I can do everything from a spreadsheet I already have from a course and just drag and drop that into my project within SimpleCert. This process saves me loads of time and effort.”  

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Athena Dental Solutions now has over 20 courses and close to 500 recipients stored in SimpleCert. As Athena Dental Solutions’ use of SimpleCert and recipient population has grown respectively, they leverage the support, management, and recordkeeping abilities that are automatically included within the platform.  Lori and the Athena Dental Solutions team are currently exploring ways to further automate their workload by configuring API lead passes from their Canvas and Wix Coursework accounts to automatically flow into SimpleCert and distribute Verification of Attendance records in real-time.

Athena Dental Solutions’ journey is a textbook case study of how a company with unlimited aspirations but limited resources, can leverage technologies like SimpleCert to dramatically improve their processes.  Congratulations to Lori and the team for being this month’s Certificate of the Month winner.  We’re grateful that your friend thought of connecting us!

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If you are an active customer of SimpleCert and would like to enter your certificate to be considered for the Certificate of the Month Program, please reach out to inquires@simplecert.net.

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