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This monthly plan has no limitation to features and no advertising – you get access to the full tool.


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  • 10 Credits

**Each account comes with one Cert Set (Certificate Template and Email Template bundle).**
Edit this Cert Set for each project or purchase additional Cert Sets for $29 each. Once purchased, Cert Sets are a part of your account regardless of plan.

What is a credit?

Credits are the currency of SimplCert and are used to save a personalized certificate. It’s free to create and design your certificate. It’s also free to upload recipient data and preview a personalized certificate. Spending a credit enables you to save this personalized certificate, store it in your account, and send it to your recipient with a customized email from our system.

Get started with 10 FREE monthly credits. Switch plans anytime.

The Modern Solution to Mail Merge and File Cabinets

Managing certificates is just one of several tasks you have to manage as part of your workload. Smart professionals use automated tools whenever possible to free up their attention for more complex responsibilities. SimpleCert® isn’t just a way to create certificates – it’s a piece of online software that removes the worry and disorganization that exists around certificate management while helping you look more polished and professional. Take one more thing off your plate and put SimpleCert® to work for you today.
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