Maintenance Notices

We share these maintenance notices to show, we always try to improve SimpleCert® to work better for you. After an update, it is best to clear your cache and relog into the application.


Enhancement – #154: Add Portuguese language to recipient download instructions Enhancement – #440: Confirmation Email enhancements Enhancement – #483: Confirm email upon registration Enhancement – #490: Add Merge Field for Email Only by Request Enhancement – #516: Change all emails from application that have to Ehancement – #521: Create page
Enhancement – #436: Ability to logout when account functionality password for recipient portal is turned off. Update – #500: Guest entry for recipient portal Update – #508: Refresh page after project is being deleted Update – #514: Subscription users credits renewed date
Enhancement – #279: Registration success page (“Almost Registered”) Enhancement – #304: System Update Enhancement – #387: Add additional security to PDF Enhancement – #354: Change wording of test certificate/email Update – #372: Admin/Recipient Logout when registering fix Enhancement – #431: Account Information Site Logo URL in email fixed Enhancement – #461: Need pagination system Enhancement – #465: Revised Wording for First and Last Name Error Enhancement – #469: Update wording on first-time pop up Enhancement – #486: Export Recipient to CSV Enhancement – #488: Allow global admin to reorder images Update – #497: SimpleCert® Subscription Updated Email
Update – #154: Fix Arabic to be right-justified. Update – #354: Require all merge fields before testing email Update #391: Cc and bcc to send module limit Enhancement – #409: Sort Project Data Column Page and Export Update – #422: Import error toast regarding email address syntax does not go away Update – #431: Account Information Site Logo not uploading correctly Enhancement – #457: Credits get added when changing monthly subscription Update – #477: Fix error in undo button Update – #484: Not able to delete Cert Set when image is broken Update – #485: Footer not loading in builder email view on first time view
#436: Enhancement – Ability to turn off password for recipient portal #437: Update – When admin deletes attendee from project – need to update error message. #448: Update – Do not allow user to enter a font size, choose from dropdown. #451: Update – Show error when trying to save Certificate Template with 2 ore more merge fields with the same name. #453: Update – Portrait Blank Cert Set Template, save on email. #459: Update – Need to add image to custom subscription recipient portal. #460: Enhancement – Prompt and purchase total for Cert Set Purchase.
#372: Enhancement – Admin/Recipient Timeout/Inactivity #400: Enhancement – Allow user to upload / import certificate data via copy and paste, and manual entry #428: Enhancement – Added Serbian fonts #433: Enhancement – Email Footer Field for custom SMTP settings #215: Enhancement – Custom yearly subscription
#154: Enhancement – Translate SimpleCert® Certificate Download script into Arabic #166: Update – Upload .svg image file fix #193: Update – Logout due to inactivity/cache #322: Update – Clear formatting when pasting #375: Update – Credit fix #377: Update – Change password for recipient portal added to dropdown menu #384: Update – Background for Portrait / Portrait option for Global Certificate Templates #419: Update – Merge fields and the backspace key fix #421: Update – Remove import file after error fix #424: Update – Deletes account and is on monthly subscription plan if applicable #425: Update – Invoice Edits for Subscription #431: Update – Account Information Site Logo fix #432: Update – Email Footer fix #434: Update – Recipient Portal – Last Logged In Date fix
#115: Update – Exit without saving toast whenever edits are made #368: Update – Arrow Keys #396: Update – Export Account to CSV Report for Global Admin Updates #397: Enhancement – Add “Lock” feature to Canvas #401: Update – Copy items on canvas in same place #420: Enhancement – When uploading an excel file, extra spaces in fields are automatically removed
#384: Background for Portrait / Portrait option for Global Certificate Templates #398: Arabic fonts on the certificate builder #322: Clear formatting when copying from Office (word, excel, etc.) #401: Copy items on canvas in same place #402: Allow to Sort Recipient Data in List View #403: Update Placement of new text and merge fields in canvas #407: Merge field with # does not work #411: Delete unnecessary files on BUILD (background image) #415: Update Text on Cert Saved As Pop up in Build #416: Update appearance of “Email Saved” popup message in Build
Enhancement – #243: Add Chat support to Application Enhancement – #319: Add Chat Support to Website Update – #357: Scroll Bar and/or Arrow scroll for Mac Update – #359: Recipient Portal reset password Enhancement – #364: Background Image upload limit Enhancement – #376: SMTP connection error/disable save changes Update – #377: Change password recipient portal
Enhancement – Issue #48: Ability to EDIT SMTP settings Enhancement – Issue #96: Decision Tree in BUILD module when Cert Set not saved Update – Issue #133: Backspace in text field is deleting field, fixed Enhancement – Issue #279: Change register complete – video Enhancement – Issue #338: Add delete option on Store/Project per recipient Update – #348: Unable to see some images on cert builder Enhancement – Issue #352: Display Password Requirements when create/change password Update – Issue #365: Issue with Email address from one project to another (meta data?) Update – Issue #366: GDPR, Add way to delete user from database and all information in their account Enhancement – Issue #367: Update language in SEND: 2. Import Data Update – Issue #370: GDPR, Language update – Update Terms and Conditions
Enhancement – #4: Portrait Layout on BUILD Enhancement – #110: Maintenance announcement/updates Enhancement – #177: Export project contains Print to PDF file of all certificates Update – #236: Deleting recipients on preview Enhancement – #247: Paper size Legal now option on BUILD Enhancement – #295: Alt Text update to First and Last Name Update – #333: On initial saving of cert, duplicates of fields possible, fixed Update #347: Bug when updating names on preview, fixed Enhancement – #350: Copy Feature Enhancement – #351: Delete key option to delete object on BUILD Enhancement – #352: Display Password Requirements
Update – #7: When a field gets remapped, field container needs to change Update – #58: Fix undo button to cert builder Update – #124: User needs to be able to delete mapping files (if applicable) Update – #235: Mapping file to show only for monthly users Update – #236: Deleting recipients individually in project/store Update – #291: Attendee Portal URL update 404 page Update – #292: Symbols need to be preserved in .csv or .xls file Update – #318: Add Change Password to Account Info section Update – #326: Project is saved without Project ID, prompt needed Update – #329: Promo Code is accepted but does not update account Enhancement – #331: Add time stamp to sent date in Email History? Update – #336: Should not be able to add Merge variable into “Reply to” on email WYSIWYG Enhancement – #337: Update wording on Send/Preview Enhancement – #339: New Reset Password wording in CONFIRM email Update – #343: From edit email, need to choose cert set when import data Enhancement – #345: Replace project saved action button with toast Update – #346: Updates to site logo of account not saving
#189 – Update: Resizing issues #327 – Update: IE, Edge browser fixes #335 – Update: Merge field fix on mapping step #334 – Update: Preview/Edit Certificate fix after edits saved #332 – Update: Text box fix with second line
#215 – Enhancement: Create a custom subscription #295 – Enhancement: Add Alt Text when user hovers over “First” and “Last Name” #321 – Enahncement: Error message when importing PDF #324 – Enhancement: Show Promo/Coupon(s) code used #328 – Update: Email saving in SEND module
#3 – Update: First Name Last Name merge field to read only (Access Denied) and resizable. #13 – Update: Browser variable with recipient portal logging out fixed. #18 – Enhancement: Promo Code created. #154 – Enhancement: Translate SimpleCert® email certificate code – French, Spanish #242 – Enhancement: Go to payment/billing info after clicking plan. #282 – Enhancement: After send email, redirect user to email status of that project #309 – Update: If user has recipient account, prompted to login when creating admin account #311 – Enhancement: Be able to rename Project or Memo Field in STORE (also #323)
#115 – Update: Exit without saving only displays when edits are made #279 – Enhancement: Remove “Back to Login” link and update wording on confirmation page. #298 – Enhancement: Add a step for Edit Email in Process before Import #304 – Enhancement: Force System Update announcement after maintenance. #310 – Update: Preview fixed when merge field starts with #. #313 – Enhancement: In Send, you are prompted when edits made to a certificate or email. #314 – Update: Need prompt when user has made changes in email editor #315 – Update: Remove brackets on merge fields in email editor in the dropdown.
#3 – Update: Make FIRST NAME LAST NAME field width editable #116 – Update: When adding recipient after project is saved, MERGE field in Email updated #230 – Enhancement: Update instructions on registration for SimpleCert® URL creation #239 – Update: Send Now appears only when recipients checked #244 – Enhancement: Add watch tutorial links on BUILD, SEND, STORE pages #245 – Enhancement: Updated MERGE FIELD text #284 – Enhancement: New CSS on BUILD, SEND, STORE icons and update title #287 – Update: Link in Email WYSIWYG now accepting & #294 – Enhancement: Update wording on read-only for recipient email #296 – Updated: Project Number updating after project is delete #297 – Update: Ability to use Backspace Key when adding a URL to notification email #300 – Update: When inserting merge fields in Email Editor, extra spaces removed #301 – Enhancement: Delete Insert Email address on certificate canvas #302 – Enhancement: Moved Account Settings to Upper Right dropdown #308 – Enhancement: Updated CSS for steps in SEND
#115 – Update: Exit without saving updated. #173 – Update: Attachment link in email editor updated to add _ for spaces. #189 – Enhancement: Resizing text, image and merge fields limit. #221- Update: [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] fields font size updating on preview. #237 – Update: Preview Search in SEND updated. #251 – Update: After saving project – update credits on SEND. #278 – Enhancement: Objects stay on certificate canvas. #279 – Enhancement: Update new registration success page. #288 – Update: Exiting “Open Existing” without saved Cert Set send to “Create New”
#104 – Enhancement: Update recipient message when project is deleted by admin. #138 – Enhancement: Ability to use keyboard arrows to move fields (text, merge, image). #184 – Enhancement: Ability to center with multiple objects (Ctrl+click). #187 – Update: Changed unsubscribe link to group unsubscribe and added update preferences. #197 – Enhancement: Improved acceptance of Terms and Conditions on new registration. #204 – Enhancement: Update deletion log with project date for support. #206 – Update: Fixed error when changing billing information in admin. #223 – Enhancement: Show spin gif when loading data. #224 – Update: Changed wording on Cert Set page and Project page. #226 – Enhancement: New ability to align middle (horizontal center).
#135 – Update: Update and Preview button is generating new tab window #163 – Enhancement: Send Preview Step Instructions/Caution #191 – Enhancement: For email validation add row of error #204 – Enhancement: Add Project Deletion Log on Global Admin account #210- Update: When editing certificate from SEND preview step – get error on save and preview.
#186 – Enhancement: Admin to be able to delete projects #188 – Enhancement: Add reply-to field in email send module #166 – Update: Ability to upload SVG image files
#198 – Update: New Cert Set saving #159 – Enhancement: Updating Pricing for Pay as you Go #199 – Update: Import file upload #162 – Enhancement: Default sort and Ad Sort to Email History #143 – Update: Download Certificate – title of PDF – SimpleCert® Certificate #163 – Update: Improved Send Preview Step/Credit Instructions/Caution
#158 – enhanced security for projects #64 – email validation on import file #57 – image resizing (keep aspect ratio) #182 – global template fixes
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