Introducing SimpleCert® – the Online Certificate Generator Tool

Health and WellnessIntroducing SimpleCert® – the Online Certificate Generator Tool

If you are reading this blog right now, we will buy you a cup of coffee. No Kidding! The first 10 people to send an email to will get a Starbucks card in the mail, compliments of SimpleCert®. What you may not realize while you are reading this blog, is that this is the first ever blog for SimpleCert®! Being a new company, we’re racking up a ton of “Firsts” these days.  So in true Silicon Valley form, this is the point in our story where the couches are pushed to the walls, the kitchen table is cleared off, the Fruit Loops are put away and beer is passed around to the SimpleCert® crew.. RIGHT?? Hardly. Truth be told, we’re nowhere near Silicon Valley (we ARE in the “Silicon Forest” but we know you have no idea where that is), the only couches in the office (not house) are used only for staff meetings, and the ping pong table hasn’t been used since.. forever (except as the table to conduct staff meetings on).

What has happened though, is this: A ton of hard work , sweat, and tears have been put into creating a tool that can solve a painful workflow process that many people face today: Finding a way to manage a Certificate Distribution process without using mail merges, spreadsheets, tacky certificate designs, sticky notes, BCC’ing mass emails, reams and reams of paper, etc.

SimpleCert® solves the difficult problem of automating how you build, send and store your certifications – and it works for any certificate, and for any certificate program. Let’s think thru a few scenarios:

  • You are the manager of your companies’ webinar program, and as a part of that program you provide online certificates of attendance to people – and you’ve been literally buried by the ongoing tasks on creating certificates, setting up and running mail merges, and then following up with attendees who claim to have never gotten your certificate, or need them re-sent. You my friend, need a Certificate Management System.
  • You are an elementary school teacher and at several points in the year you create certificates of achievement for your classes, and you are sick and tired of printing out hundreds of certificates – and then trying to distribute them to eager parents so they can hang them on their fridge. You need a Certificate Management System!
  • You manage live training classes all over the country for a professional certification board. As a continuing education provider you are not only required to distributive certification award, but you have to keep detailed records on every single recipient that you have awarded credits to – when they were distributed, often for a period of several years. You absolutely, positively need a Certification Management System.


Maybe you run an afterschool athletic program, or a Health and Wellness workshop… or a Jedi Master summer camp. We think you get the idea. Just like the best tools in your toolbox, SimpleCert® can be used to for an unlimited amount of uses – because it’s the right tool for the job. Introducing SimpleCert® – the online certificate generator tool.

So as you are looking around for an answer to how you can better manage creating and distributing your certificates, go ahead and sign up for the free 2 week trial. We are confident that you will love what you see. Let us know what you think too! Some of our early adopters have already been instrumental in shaping what SimpleCert® is now, and where it’s headed. And be sure to check back for tutorials, tips and tricks… and maybe even a good story or two – probably not about Fruit Loops, but maybe about commuting by bike in the rain. It rains a lot in the Silicon Forest!

The SimpleCert® Crew

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