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Harnessing the Potential of Digital Credentials

What are Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials represent the advancement from traditional paper-based certificates. Without needing to have it mailed, it acknowledges academic achievements, event participation, or training completion. As education increasingly shifts to online platforms, the recognition of verifiable credentials must adapt accordingly.

Online educators – CE providers, personal coaches, mentors, and more- sought to make online learning a more valuable experience with these rewards.

Digital credentials serve as the solution. It enables online educators to efficiently create, distribute, and record credentials while ensuring students automatically receive them, streamlining the learning process.

Digital Certificates: Online Credentials on a Certificate

Paper certificates signify proof that learners have acquired the skills they have studied for. Digital certificates are proof that can be sent online without fuss. These online credentials can be duplicated if their printed versions are lost or damaged. Furthermore, they can be easily accessed through a digital storage device for hard-copy purposes and reference.

How Digital Certificates Help Online Educators

How Digital Certificates Help Their Students

Everyone benefits from the advantages digital certificates bring. So, how can educators incorporate it into their digital platforms? Simple, you don’t even need to know how to code.

SimpleCert®: Your Digital Certificate Management

Online educators sometimes use various independent tools to create their students’ learning experiences. SimpleCert® puts all the certificate tools you need on one platform. See our platform features below.


SimpleCert®’s certificate maker lets you create your digital certificate faithful to your brand with its intuitive drag-and-drop system and free professional templates.


Say goodbye to manual mail merge. SimpleCert® personalizes certificates and emails in thousands when you directly upload recipient data via Excel or CSV file.


All certificates are stored in a secure cloud server. By subscribing to a monthly SimpleCert® plan, every recipient gains entry to their personalized recipient portal.

Automate Digital Certificates on Your Platform

When educators create webinars, modules, and video lessons, they can make a more professional experience for their learners by having them automatically receive their digital credentials once they have finished them. This is possible by integrating their SimpleCert® account with their website or trusted platforms.

“We use SimpleCert® to automatically send training certifications to our customers. It is easy to use and our customers receive their certifications rapidly. This Certificate Management System increases our productivity and our customers’ satisfaction!”
Véronique Trépanier-Boulay
Executive Director, FORMobile

Ensure Your Student’s Professional Experience with Your Platform and Marketing

Many educators rely on multiple tools to enhance their students’ learning journey. Yet, some tools tend to advertise on the educators’ platforms and email marketing, disrupting the professional experience for students.

Here at SimpleCert®, it’s all about you as their educator.

We prioritize streamlining your certification system without any intrusive self-promotion. Our aim is to optimize your certification process for both you and your students.

Design Your Digital Credentials Today!

Tailor and share professional digital certificates effortlessly. Sign up for a complimentary SimpleCert® account – no credit card needed! With your free account, generate and distribute up to 10 certificates monthly. Elevate your online educational programs by leveraging SimpleCert® to oversee your certification workflow.

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