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Streamline Diploma Creation with SimpleCert

Diplomas Are Hard to Get, But Shouldn’t be Hard to Make. Explore how your school can save time and money while still giving hard-won recognition to students and staff.

Certificates of Attendance

SimpleCert Gives Schools Options

Using SimpleCert’s platform, you gain access to a library stuffed with a variety of templates!

We understand that teachers and school administrators have a lot to do and don’t have time to learn design. Our templates were crafted by professional designers and ready for you to add the names of the students you’re recognizing!

If you’re wanting something more unique or to customize the diploma more, you don’t have to worry about those pesky columns or rows, making boxes or tables, or any of those other design functions. SimpleCert uses the simple drag and drop certificate maker so your student’s special day is made even more unique by you!

Making Diplomas Easy!

Graduation is an important milestone in life and deserves every inch of celebration. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a drawn-out and painstaking process for teachers. Using Simplecert, not only is creating a diploma easy, getting it to the students is just a click of a button.

Here’s how it works!

1. Create an Account

Just a few lines of information and your first 10 diplomas are on us!

3. Who’s Getting a Diploma?

You can upload a list of people being recognized, whether graduating students or teachers who’ve earned acknowledgment, or connect SimpleCert to a range of other platforms to make recognition easy.


2. Choose the Diplomas You Like

From ready-to-go diplomas to the tools you need to make them unique to your school, SimpleCert has a vast library of templates and a simple to use design drag and drop program to keep recognizing achievement easy.

4. Diploma Delivered!

Once you’re happy with the diploma design, all you have to do is send them off! The graduating students and teachers being recognized are instantly emailed their certificates and can even share them on social media as soon as they receive them!

Making Diplomas Easy!

Need some inspiration for your diploma design?
Take a look at some of the printable award and certificate examples below!

Minimalist Graduation Diploma

Create a diploma without the needless frills and showcase the achievement that best reflects the institution’s approach to education. If this diploma represents the aesthetic and communicates your school, click below to explore the template.

Classic Graduation Diploma

A traditional approach to showcasing your student’s achievement and communicates classic education that reflects standards that have stood the test of time. If this diploma represents the aesthetic and communicates your school, click below to explore the template.

Modern Graduation Diploma

Elegant, clean, and demonstrates a modern approach to education. This diploma communicates a contemporary style and fresh design. If this diploma represents the aesthetic and communicates your school, click below to explore the template.

Start the Easy Way to Celebrate

Ready to get started and take some work off your plate? SimpleCert diploma creation can unburden you from delivering certificates to your professionals. Sign-up today to create your first free diploma!

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