Dental CE Participation Certificates made easy with SimpleCert

Build. Send . Store. Simplify your Dental CE Records of Participation into three easy steps.

As an approved ADA/AGD Continuing Education provider, you have the following responsibilities:

Provide quality, science based Continuing Education coursework for the benefit of Dental Professionals Provide individual Records of Participation (Certificates) to all Dental Professionals who complete your coursework Maintain adequate staffing and internal resources to run your CE program, with ongoing support for Dental Professionals Maintain course records for a period of at least 6 years of all Attendee Records of Attendance distributed.

How can you maintain these requirements without manually overburdening your company?

SimpleCert Frees Your Time and Energy by Automating Attendance Verification Management:


Design your certificates to 100% meet all CERP / PACE requirements including logos, coursework, credits and custom fields.


Automatically create and send any number of participation certificates, regardless of class or course size.


SimpleCert automatically stores every attendance record, allowing you to monitor access, make updates and even resend, all from a simple and intuitive user interface.

See what our customers say:

If you haven’t read how SimpleCert has helped CDE superstar Today’s RDH to automate their Attendance Records certification process, click here.

With No Coding on Your Part

Whether you use another platform for any CE format (virtual workshop, webinar, online course), Zapier automates your process. It connects more than 3,000 apps and platforms to your SimpleCert® account.

Once your participants finish their test or reach the end of your CE, it triggers your SimpleCert® account to send them their certificates by a customized email.

integration logos.

Create Professional Certificates Within Minutes

Fill out a few boxes and you get 10 certificates for any occasion on us.

Send Emails Automatically after Course Completion

Let your participants receive their certificate of completion upon finishing your course with SimpleCert® API. It integrates your computer systems into your SimpleCert® account, streamlining certificate generation and emailing. 

Comply with the ADA CERP Standards

Be 100% compliant with the ADA CERP standards with a cost-effective solution that simplifies and automates CE credit management. Store thousands of certificates and recipient data for an unlimited amount of time. You also receive full exportable reports on all recipients that can be useful for state submissions. 

Are You Read to Free Your Time and Energy with SimpleCert®?

Simplify Your Dental CPE Certificate Management Today! 

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