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Category: Recipient

Recipient email address needs to be updated

You can update a recipient’s email address (spelled incorrectly, changed jobs, etc.) by going to the recipient section of the Store module (cloud with up arrow). Once you find the recipient, click on their name and then click on the “change email address” button. Type in the new email. If you want to resend any

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Delete Recipient from Project

There are times when a recipient was added to a project by accident or has more than just a misspelled name or wrong email address. When this happens the easiest steps to take are to delete the recipient from a project and then add them again. To delete a recipient from a project: Find the

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Recipient name has wrong spelling

If you have already created and sent certificates and you discover a spelling error in a recipient’s name, don’t worry, you can change this dynamically in Simplecert. There is no need to create a new certificate or even resend the email. To update the spelling and make the change, simply navigate to the “Store” Module

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