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When I send a project from my SimpleCert® account, I sometimes notice that the Project date is off from when I sent my notifications out. I’ve noticed it can be ahead or behind by one day. Why?

SimpleCert® is currently used in over 23 countries, spanning multiple continents and time zones worldwide.  SimpleCert®’s internal calendar is set to UTC, or Universal Time Coordinated, in order to provide a uniform calendar for all users regardless of their physical location in the world.  Depending on where you live in the world, and at what time during the day that you send a project out, SimpleCert®’s date stamp of when you sent that project out may be different from your local date – because it’s a different day based on UTC!  If you live in Europe, you will likely never notice this discrepancy – but if you live in India for example, you may.   If this makes it difficult to manage your account, we’d recommend you include the send date in the naming convention of your projects to better manage your account.

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