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How do I know if recipients received their certificate?

  1. First your recipients need to receive the email from SimpleCert®.
    • If you are using SimpleCert® email, you can check the Email History in the STORE module
    • It will show all your project and sent statuses such as if it was sent, how many were sent, and if you have emails that did not go out (email undeliverables)
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    • If you have undeliverables, click on the project name and then scroll to find any errors and the reason for the error reason. You can also export this information.
    • If you need to update an email address – check here for a help article on the topic.
    • *IMPORTANT* – if you are using your own SMTP server to send emails the above information will not be available. Please check your SMTP activity for further information.
  2. Once sent, you can see if your recipients have clicked on the link to download.
    • Go to your STORE module and click on Projects. Here you will see a list of all your recipients.
    • The column “Last logged in” will identify if they have downloaded their certificate.

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      • If it says “Never”, that indicates they have not.
      • You can sort this column by “Last logged in”
      • Currently, you cannot export this information. However we are working on a report to do so.
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