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Add Merge Field to Text Box

If you would like to add a merge field within a text box, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Add a text field to your certificate template in the Build Module.
  2. Click into the text field.
  3. Type your text first
  4. While your cursor is in the text field, click on insert merge field.
    • Important! A merge field can not be added by inserting [brackets] in your text, you must click on insert merge field.
  5. Rename your merge field as desired.
  6. Make sure there are [brackets] around your merge field.
  7. Save your certificate template (not shown in gif).

SimpleCert<sup>®</sup> Merge Field within TextField” width=”371″ height=”279″ /></p>
<p>**Be sure to preview your certificate after importing your data to proof that all the text fits in the field (<a href=see this article if it gets cut off).

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