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Free Starter

Free /
  • 10 Credits
Most Popular

150 Credits

Save $288 by getting 12 months free when billedannually
$ 24USD /Monthly
  • Credits Do Not Expire
  • Stand Alone or Supplement Monthly Credits as needed
  • Social Sharing
  • Recipient Portal
  • Add LinkedIn Profile (pre-filled)
Most Popular

250 Credits

Save $408 by getting 12 months free when billedannually
$ 34USD /Monthly
  • Social Sharing
  • Recipient Portal
  • Add LinkedIn Profile (pre-filled)
  • Custom Font
  • QR Code Authenticity

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Two-Sided Certificates
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Customize Recipient Portal


Credits are the currency of SimpleCert and are used to save a personalized certificate. One Credit will allow you to create one certificate. Our free plan will give you 10 free credits per month. There is no cost to download, print or send certificates from your account.

Coming Soon!

Certificate Templates (What we call a Cert Set) are certificate and emails designs that you first create within your account. Your account will allow you to create one Cert Set (certificate and notification email) in your account. When you are ready to create and distribute actual certificates, you will do so using the templates you have designed.

You can easily purchase additional templates (Cert Sets) to use in your account, from within the Build Module. Additional templates can be purchased for a one time cost of $29 per template, and are then available for you to use for the life of your account. Keep in mind you should only need to purchase additional Cert Sets if there are graphical differences between your template designs. You can use merge variables to account for any textual differences between certificates, without needing to purchase additional templates. 

Yes! You are free to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime from within the Admin settings of your account.

Yes! Purchasing Bulk Credits on top of a Monthly Account is often the best way to accommodate months when you may need to send more certificates than your monthly level allows. Bulk Credits do not expire, and will live in your account until you need to use them. This helps to ensure you are not overspending on credits, and are able to work though peak busy months without having to change your actual subscription level.

No. When you are creating certificates for your recipients, your ONLY cost will be for the credits used to create those certificates. There is no cost to email or print certificates. You can even resend certificate emails to individuals from your account as much as you need, at no cost.

Certificates that you create are active and available forever, unless you decide to place an expiration date on them, or delete them from your account.

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